Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Update

Hello once again! It's Sarah with an update on Victoria. I visited her tonight at the hospital and while she is on "strict bedrest" (her words) she seemed in very fine spirits. She was able to keep five of us entertained for almost an hour, after which I left with our friend Melissa because we didn't want to wear her out too much. She can't wait to wash her hair, be able to eat a pomegranate without choking on it or get out of the hospital, but she's handling it better than I could say I would.

If only her spirits were able to make her any healthier she would be well soon (if that were only how it worked though Victoria would be one of the most healthy people on the planet).

Once again, I leave open the request for get-well wishes to Victoria...also many of you left very nice comments that I am sure will be quite touching to Victoria whenever she can get her hands on a computer! Thanks for always being there for are part of what gives her her strength!


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Amy B said...

Thank You for the update. I so want her to feel better physically and emotionally. She has been through so much.