Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home, Hopeful, and feeling a tad bit better!

After the last post I wasn't feeling too great so I didn't want to post again for a bit until I knew I was okay and what was going on. I am pretty sure I have been fighting something viral as well as the herxing from the new IV antibiotics. So it has been a little intense here at the house and who knows what still lies ahead but I have been doing my IV at home and got my port needle changed this week for the first time and now that will be weekly as well as antibiotics IV daily. Along with everything else that I was taking before.

I know the medical stuff to some is a little redundant or kinda boring but for the last 3 weeks it has kind of taken over my life. I have been feeling so crappy some nights sleeping isn't an option till around 1 or 2 in the morning and some nights even 3 am! So it has been a struggle to get my thoughts on other things, like my 18th birthday and college. I just got accepted to a college near home, Roberts Wesleyan and it would be enough away from home that I wouldn't be in my backyard but coming home wouldn't be an issue either. I can't wait to hear from the other college I applied to and start to decide about things like that! Ha. So basically I am just going on and trying to figure out what can be done and what is left to do to make sure I am able to graduate in June.

I also am excited about going to church tomorrow and getting back to youth group after 2 weeks of missing it...

It seems as though I am in for a ride and need to hold on tight but after this week I don't doubt that anything is impossible, through Christ who strengthens me.

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Dawson Family said...

Hi. I saw your blog on Shelby Nanney's Caringbridge site. Shelby and Wilson were in treatment for Lyme in Grandview Mo. My husband has been a patient there for over a year. He does IV's everyday too. There are so many of us Lymies in the U.S! Take each day hour by hour if you need to and know that God has heard and answered your prayer before you are done speaking. God Bless.