Friday, January 30, 2009


I am asking for a tremendous amount of prayer tonight if you have any other prayer requests please post them in the comments section. There are so many people I know that have been going through difficult times tonight I have a list of them, and I ask that as faithful readers- if you could just pray for those of my friends, family and myself who are in need of prayer today and in the upcoming weeks.

- Prayer for a good friend of mine and her family as they struggle with issues of stress and an unstable environment. Please pray for discernment and an out pouring amount of love as they figure out how to take care of extra children and deal with the greater picture.

- Prayer for the family of sweet little Tuesday as her fight of cancer comes to a close. This little girl sure does pull at my heart strings.

- Prayer for an uncle of someone who is having trouble.

-Prayer for a church that's just opening up. Pray for all of the families that have moved and will be moving in the upcoming months to be a part of this huge sacrifice for the Lord. Read more about this incredible story here.

-Prayer for the victims of fire this past year... Especially those still working to get back on their feet from the fire. In my life alone I know of two chimney fires and a fire that took a family owned restaurant in our area. I know that all of these families need prayer and that at least one family is not back to their old home site yet.

-Prayer for our country and our schools. I ask a huge prayer be poured out to the public schools and the country of which we live in. I hope that you understand that I mean this in so many ways and with the transition of president, and within the schools just a peace of the students. I mean it can be an ugly place for a lot of kids going to school.

-Lastly, I ask for prayer for my upcoming doctors appointments. I get really stressed out and I know that it's silly to however I get very stressed upon going to a new doctor. This is a stressful time for me and my family... I also will be doing my IV in a foreign place and I will be dealing with all of the other new doctor things. It stresses me to no end and I hope that within that time I will find peace and the doctors will be able to shine light on things we have not seen. I am just putting this all in God's hands.

Now I ask you- pick one or a few things and in this upcoming week be praying for those things. I know that it will be tough for me to get on this week as I have a very crazy schedule but I want to let you know that I am praying for all of these matters. I hope that if anything, prayer can band us together in these times of difficulty. My heart breaks for a small child, a lost family member, a test that hasn't been resolved, a house that is gone, a school that seems broken, a piece of glass shattered.

Please Pray.


Anonymous said...

I will be praying!!!!!!

And if you could please pray for God to help me through this new treatment, I'd be very thankful.

God is hearin our prayers,

Anonymous said...

thank you so much victoria... i hope you realize how much of a blessing you've been to me. i'll be praying for the other things youve mentioned, also.
i love you!!!
<3 Alex-Kate

Renee said...

I am praying!!