Thursday, April 16, 2009

The stress is high the relaxation is nonexistent

I have been sitting in a hospital bed for one to many days and it has started to wear on me. I cannot focus on any tasks at hand and my strength is not there. I know there is strength to rely on but it is by faith I got it and by faith it will continue to stay.

I am baffled by the amount of parents that can leave small children just 2 and 3 months old. I try my best not to judge them but at 2 am when none of them have gotten any sleep and screaming is all that can be heard, my heart breaks for these small babies. I hope this is not a memory- sometimes I wonder if people really do remember their baby years.

I wanted to focus in on some things that have happened while I have been here, moments of happiness and things that have been good. I have gotten a lot of time to reflect which has been wonderful because that's all I could do. I slept all day yesterday and that I am sure helped with the progress of getting well. However one thing I did get to do was play a gift-giver to a small baby. A little girl was in here and we got to give her a blanket someone had made. It was a special moment for me because I know the comfort my quilt has brought me on so many nights. It hasn't left my side. So for me to give this small little girl an afghan it was a pretty big deal to me. I was really excited and I felt so special covering her small 5 pound body. She was asleep and it felt so serene.

I thought long and hard about this moment and I decided I wanted to make the difference in the lives of sick teens in the hospital. Teenagers that are sick and are from the ages of 14-18 or sometimes older that do not get these precious blankets anymore because they are too old and the supply is not abundant at the rural hospitals. I need your help figuring out what should be made. Right now all I can think is something imperfect- with a special flaw that provides comfort. The item has to be handmade and new, and I want them all to be kind of similar and I would be willing to write stories for them- or the creator could write a story special for their creation. However I don't know just what these things could be and I want some feedback. Please offer me some feedback on what you think would be just right for a teenage girl or boy who is stuck in the hospital even just for a few days.


Shari said...

Hi Victoria:

I have been a silent lurker and prayer warrior for you the last few months. As far as teens we made special pillows and pillow cases for teens. The pillows were bright and colorful and something they could sleep with. The pillow cases were bright and had teeny looks on them. And, we made some quilts too which the girls adored. I hope this help and I would be glad to help make blankies, but i am not too good at the pillow stuff.

Jean Harshberger said...

Vic, What about Fleece tie blankets or shalls.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Fleece tie blankets are easy to do. You might want to go to The Magic Quilt
A friend started a site asking for fabric from readers to make into a quilt and then she'll send the quilt to those who are in need, like those suffering from breast cancer. The quilt and the book with stories about each fabric piece then travel to the next person in need. It's a different idea than yours but you might like the sight and get some ideas for your own quilt project.
Please put details on your site, I'd love to help spread the word.