Wednesday, April 1, 2009

They say... Teamwork is Their Trademark

I have been finding that it's a frequent occurrence around the hospital here. However it doesn't interfere with everything else going on... Well... Maybe... Maybe... It does.

They changed my floor and room today and I think it was almost like ripping my heart out of my chest. I said to my mom it was like taking my family from me. The nurses on that floor have cared for me so much and now I have entered an all adult floor. I type out by the nurses station after my little um, roommate went to sleep. I don't know how to handle having a roommate so close. She has really got me. However she's the sweetest woman I could be blessed with. We chatted for a bit and her name is Florance. She actually grew up with my grandparents. So it made the transition a little easier. I am still scared and nervous. It's like a whole different hospital when you get on the adult floor. It makes me wonder. What would comfort an adult in the hospital? Then I thought maybe if we just made little felt hearts around 1.5". Maybe they would be comforting... Then no. I think it's the walls they're dark. However they can't do much about that.

I don't know what to think of this new adventure to this new floor and being alone. Being 18. All of these things seem weird to me. I still sing and dance in my head I am still my 14 or 12 year old self. I wonder what would make these other patients feel happy and comfortable on an adult floor. Any ideas? Maybe a card? I don't know. What do you think?

I have been daydreaming mostly about dancing- singing and giggling and watching out my window at the clouds. I love to see. I don't really know where today went but it has went fast and I wonder if I spent it purposefully. It has been a good day- my Pastor explained how to travel the world in prayer. Today I tried it I have prayed all around the world for specific missionaries by name. I should be tired and filled with jet lag but I am excited for what plans God has. I daydream about peace about things that give me hope. Really I just daydream about my graduation party. I want it to be perfect. It's all I am holding onto. What makes you keep through the day?

I watch these nurses and doctors pass me as I write this post and they are all on a mission they have direct paths. What is the purpose I ask? It is not the direction it is the intention. I hope they remember they could be in the place that I am in some day.

To answer the question of device it is my port. It was posted about here and here. Thank you for all of your prayer. I hope you all are continuing to do well.

As I am closing this post I am seeing many things and a woman who passed me passes with a shaved head. Her daughter stated I couldn't believe it was my mom she was bald. The mom looked up and said I am bald?! Really bald? And they reached over and had a sack of hair and said yeah! We have your hair right here... That really surprised me. How interesting and what a job. I cannot imagine having your mother not believe about hair... The lady to my left is confused and sitting in the hall to have company as well but a different kind of company a content kind. She has pulled out her IV she looks around and she fixes her hair. She is someone I don't know but she deserves compassion. These people come from all walks of life and as they show up their pieces of stories put together a jumbled puzzle. I wonder, do the nurses that see these patients notice they have some creative minds, some amazing spirits, and a great amount of history within the halls. Do they appreciate their patients?
It makes me wonder... Here I go daydreaming...

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The Limon's said...

Hi Victoria; I fell into your blog through another blog that had posted a prayer request for you. We will be praying for you. I have a friend who has suffered through Lyme's disease and what cured her was hyperbaric oxygen. Have you heard of that? Not sure if your doctors have access to that or if it's just holistic medicine that will do that for you. But that is the ONLY thing that worked for her. Check it out...We are praying for you. Kellie