Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You know those days... When you avoid your blog because.....

You know those days that you don't post on your blog because there are too many nurses poking you and too much going on it's actually too busy to write up a post? Then you think of a really awesome post to post and everything goes dramatically wrong enough that you now feel you must post about that instead? Okay. Well if you don't I have had one of those days.

I don't even feel like posting about this right now but here we go. They have moved my room again and I am thinking that no one should bring anything because I move almost 2-3 times a week. I am on my 15th day in the hospital and I have a Lyme Walk I feel like I am losing it with. I have a senior year that is a train wreck and I had surgery on Monday. So many have asked about the port- We are supposed to be waiting 6-12 weeks to get the new port if I need one... Right? WELL! Just my luck I got a blood clot in my arm today in my picc line so that was removed after my arm swelled up. I have been told I am depressing. That's super and fine but please don't keep reading if that's what you don't want to find.

I am not really enjoying this at all and right now creativity is lacking. So bare with me. I have a periphal IV in my arm now and they're doing that for a few days. My doctor is now currently out of town, I don't know when he will be back hopefully tomorrow but we are consulting with my surgeon and we're going to see what the options are now. We have exhausted plans A-E just about now and who knows what they're going to do.

If I could just ask for prayer for my family and I right now I have been really stressed and it's reflecting my mood greatly. I am really stressed out and this really isn't the year I was expecting, even the nurses are pretty ready for me to go home. I don't really know what to think.

I will update when I know more.


Julie said...

You are so strong, though you may not feel it. Someday you'll look back and say, "That's why I had to go through that." Uhtil then, may the tender mercies of the Lord surround you. (James 5:11)

Anonymous said...

Awwww Tori! I am so sorry you are still going through all of this.
Whoever said you are depressing is a rere. Tell them you would gladly trade places and be depressed by their sickness.
You will get well! I just have this feeling.
Love you,
Emily and the grouesome foursome (not sure how that's spelled)

BoufMom9 said...

Oh Vic... I am so sorry you are feeling so awful. Sad to hear you will definitely be in the hospital over the holiday as well.
Could you please email me your address at the hospital, I would love to send you a little something that might brighten your day, even if only for a moment or two....

Jennifer said...

Hey girl ..... watch out for my blog tomorrow. I have some exciting news (sort of). :D

Anonymous said...

hey lady. i love you so much and i'm sorry you're dealing with such crap. i miss you so much. i may be able to come see you on friday, but if thats gonna be an issue with you just let me know.

thank you again so much for praying for my friend.
youre too wonderful.

love youuuuu! :)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Keeping my prayers for you. Stay strong.