Friday, April 4, 2008

It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top. - Arnold Bennett

Hm. Now there are so many angles I could take this blog from today that I am not quite too sure where to take things. I will start with updates from Tuesday to today... Friday. In one day of my life it seems to be that I live what most people would live in ten! I feel so much like my life is literally like a novel with the pages ripped out... I don't really know what to expect anymore and I really don't know where I am headed. Things have been insane these last 3 days of my life and looking back on them I am in disbelief, astonishment, and amazement at what all has taken place. I can only continue to be encouraged by each road block that is placed before me because through this I really am feeling like I am becoming something a text book never would've showed me a parents guiding hand never could have taught and a classroom would've found boundaries through. I can only hope that "normal" is coming soon. But let this not be for the glory of me but for the glory of a greater spirit and I can only place my confidence in him for I am as my surgeon prayed with me just moments before going into surgery to get my port put in- we are only vessels and we are all just minorities compared to his greater plan. Without further a due- the past three days of horror, fear, encouragement, faith, and prayer.


Started off normal enough with getting around and heading out to the hospital for my infusion. I actually was feeling really good. I was talking up a storm with another lady in the infusion clinic and was pretty strong. Although still using the cane for balance and coordination. By the time I made it home I was dragging my feet to get to the door and slowly feeling worse and worse. I wasn't sure if I was going to be sick to my stomach or what was wrong but felt as though I was losing my ground quickly. So I felt I should go to the bathroom. I made it there and sat down feeling drained of energy and very weak. I called my mom and pleaded for her to come home. I was feeling horrible. Upon taking my temperature my temp was too low for the thermometer to read but I was feeling feverish. I laid down and within a few hours my mom came home. She laid down with me in bed and we slept. I was experiencing pain down between my hips and I wasn't sure what it was but it was very uncomfortable and I couldn't pin point it. Upon waking up I got my mom to get out of bed and made it to the bathroom. Upon going there- I took a turn for the worst. I was starting to get extremely dizzy and yelled to my mom to come to me everything was going grey and there was static in my ears and I couldn't hear well. Within moments from that I passed out. My mom said I turned yellow and my color wasn't good. She called 911 and the EMT's arrived in seconds applying oxygen. I was unresponsive and very hazed over. I felt horrific and remember only bits and pieces of that night.

The Prayer Chain Request for that night:

The following request is from Debbie Connett for Victoria Wilcox: **"Please pray for Victoria She has not felt good in the last 24 hours. As I write this they have called 911 and she is on her way to Arnot Hospital. She is trying to have a seizure but the anti seizure medicine is preventing it, this is a good thing I think. Pray for wisdom for her Doctor's that they will be able to come up with the right plan of treatment. Debbie"


The Big Port Day I was able to get my port placed! (If you click the link on "The Big Port Day" you will be able to see the exact port of which is placed in my chest. Well not really but a photo of one like it and actually that port is about the same exact size as the one I can feel in my chest! It's kind of crazy having this port because I can see the bump. I got two incisions to get the port placed one about a inch and a half and another small one. You can feel the catheter and port very distinctly below my skins surface which is very interesting and a bit un nerving. Especially for those who are weak stomached. The surgery ended up being done late but it was successful and done under local anesthesia. So I was able to wake up quickly and out of the recovery room in a record half hour compared to the gall bladder surgery last week! Although we did discover another allergy- to a pre-cautionary antibiotic they used in order to decrease the risk of infection during surgery. Although it ended up being a hindrance to me rather than helpful and I was an itchy mess. Before the surgery the surgeon took the time to pray a very heartfelt prayer with me and my parents and it was very impressive. I was thankful for his prayer because just upon going into the OR I was scared and began to cry after holding it together all morning. It was all of a sudden too much and he calmed every last nerve. It's amazing how prayer can do that sometimes. That night passed quickly as I slept quite a bit and was very tired due to the fact I stayed up the entire night Wednesday night because I was in a large amount of pain.


Thursday was an awesome day- although I noticed my legs were considerably weaker I walked the halls... Began eating and the pain had dwindled for the most part. And big news I had gotten my breathing doing a lot better! (For those of you who didn't understand the problems that were going on with my lungs- we do believe it was because of the gasses used to blow my stomach up for the gall bladder surgery on Wednesday of last week.) Overall Thursday brought a very positive light and that night I was visited by the little girl Shannon who I shared a room with a few hospital stays ago when she got her tonsils out. She was there with her brother who also had his tonsils removed! Her courage and little joyful spirit brought me a new found hope and I was encouraged by her vibrant smile.


Today I got to go home! Of course this was the happiest day out of all of them because I feel much more at peace in my own home in my own area. It is nice to be back where I have a little more control of things and I don't have to rely so much on nurses and things. I also have a little more encouragement since I am able to receive and send out e-mails and text and IM. The computer has become my contact so I am not in complete isolation. Although I do have to say everything is about perspective. What a week it has been!

I am very encouraged and finding new strength each step of the way and although I do not know what is in store for me next I am continuing to be faithful. "We love him because he first loved us." 1 John 4:9-10

The Spot- light:
There are two very special families in my life right now that I believe have both been spot-lighted or had members of their families spot-lighted but have not been given the 100% attention they deserve.

The Lynch family is the first family- as a family they have been extremely supportive and kind and compassionate to our family. Their ongoing love to me and my family is very amazing and each time I call their house whether I speak to one of Sarah's sisters or one of their parents you can sense their compassion and concern in their voice as they talk to me. It's very uplifting for me to have the support that they have given to me. They also have taken over a lot of work with the Lyme walk that I had been kind of doing myself but as of late have had to give up due to dealing with my own health complications. They as a whole are just remarkable and I am very touched to have them there to cheer me on as I continue to get better.

The Vernon Family is the next family I would like to spot-light. I have had their son Caleb in Sunday school and Chris is our youth pastor currently at our church. Although Pastor Chris is taking a leap in faith this year to start a church in NC. Which if you knew Pastor Chris it would seem uncharacteristic of him. He has taught me a lot and deeply touched my life through his faith. Their whole family brings me courage and it's always wonderful to see them running down the hall of the church to wrap their arms around their parents and to see the bright glimmer in his children's eyes. They are very inspirational and I ask of you to join me to pray for their family as they are taking a step into the unknown and they are going completely by faith alone to start this church. Beginning in the living room of their apartment and hopefully growing to a congregation. They most definitely will have a testimony to share and have shown me so many things.



Anonymous said...

Hey-Im really glad your home from the hospital,and that everything went alright,I have to go in May
for surgury,and then in 6 months I've gotta go again. I'll email you and let you know more info bout that...I'll talk to you later! Bye!!
Love-kayla xxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Torie-Can you check your email when you get a second?? I just wrote you an email about 1/2 hour,or so ago!!

Thankxx--kayla xxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria-

I am so sorry you have had such trials the last few weeks. I think of you often and pray for your health. You are an amazing young lady and you inspire me. Your life, your words, your story has had a profound effect on me and my faith. God Bless you!

Sharon Ferguson

Anonymous said...

Sorry we got disconnected the oter day...wasnt sure if I should call back so I didnt. Hope you are feeling well.

Lymie love

BJK said...

Wow Victoria, what a week! But God has been faithful as you mentioned.

Its great to hear your home and writing again. I'll be continueing to pray for you and your family.

Im very much looking forward to hearing from you again.

God Bless