Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm not all that different.

I'm not all that different than everyone else-

I live each day the same I go through the same movements and in a crowd of people I would not stand out for who I am. Perhaps the walker would give away I was sick or maybe a tired face but I am not all that different. I still laugh, cry, and love just like everyone else. I am not very social with certain people and I can be really goofy. I have a lot about me that's just completely normal. I love art, photography, painting, pretty much any art. I enjoy movies but I don't sit still long enough to watch one. I have a weakness for children's movies and can always go for a thought provoking book. I don't like things to be quiet and when they are I think there is something wrong. I hate it when I see people giving me wierd looks because my walker isn't that scary... I don't know. I am just normal. That's all.

Dare to be different is what they always say but differences seperate you... So why would anyone dare to be different if they get condemned for doing so.


This is just random. Not ordinary. And kind of just here. Take it or leave it.


1 comment:

cindy rumsey said...

this is my first time on your site
and it's more than amazing!!!!
my heart goes out to you,but also
i realize you're not looking for
pity.inspiration,love and support
from us,your family,will get you
through this.your inner strength
and faith is beautiful.will try
to keep up with your site and write