Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Tonight the night is lonely.
I sit upon the neatly made bed.
But my master never came to crawl in beside me...
The house is quiet and the dogs are whining at the door-
I can only think what has happened this time.

Morning comes the sun rises through a single opened shade.
I am whisked away with a single rough grasp and tossed into a dark bag.
If only she had picked a different trait surely loyalty wouldn't be fit these days.
Although I wear the trait inside me remembering in my heart to stay faithful.
Tossed around then soon I am placed in ah yes another bed...

This place is a little different not like the travels we've had before.
No plane rides, nor long travels, no tossing about through a luggage check point...
No Mickey hat's, nor rivers to look out upon, no interesting smells, or laughing faces to be seen.
Feels strange here I don't feel very comfortable.

I find solace with the grip of my master -
Ahh... to be in the clutch of her unyielding arms.
She squeezes me tight and takes in my smell, soon she is fast asleep.
I listen to each of her breaths in and out slow and easy...
I stand guard and watch people come in and out
I look up to see the face of her mother lost in apprehension.

Seems we frequent this place all too often.
The nurses toss me about and act as if I am nothing at all.
Ouch. Jeekers man, you would think someone would have a little respect!
A machine beeps I am tossed aside and soon
crammed tight against an icy window pane.
In the hustle and bustle I try to sneak a peak-

Dude lay off her! She's my primary caregiver!
I watch as they hit her chest and poke her with needles.
STOP! Hey mom, make them stop!
It was so peaceful just moments ago now I have slipped to the floor...
Yuck. Look at the dirt! I stare laying limp at the quick moving feet.

Hey! Slow down don't take her away! I am laying here on the floor!
Don't forget me!
I hate being left behind!
As I look to see the bed move out of sight and tubes extended everywhere.
Nurses shouting orders doctors walking at a fast pace.
Silence overcomes the room... She's gone.

Ouch darn it! I hate getting stuffed into bags...
I am in a muffled journey hearing words I don't know ICU? Ventilator?

It has been a few days someone picks up my bag...
They dig around a little...
Hey! not so rough! Don't you see all of my holes?
My stuffing is almost all out!
If I lose it all what will be left to cuddle?

They pick me up!

I am reluctant to be back in her arms.
She's a little peaked tonight and looks very weak...
She isn't herself but looks calm and at peace
Surely I have done my job.
I will remain loyal.
Written by- Victoria Wilcox


Anonymous said...

Victoria this is pretty much the best thing ever : )


Anonymous said...

this one is my favorite, victoria :)

love Alex-Kate