Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Typical Tuesday

Typical day woke up didn't want to get out of bed-
heard the whimpering of my dog just on the other side of my door...
Seriously Heather. Am I the only person to let you out?
Oh well grab my cane slowly walk towards the door...

Turn the handle. Open the door slowly-

On the other end Heather is thinking
hi! hi! Oh my goodness hi! I didn't think you would ever turn the knob!
I was sure you were still in there! Oh hello! Now I will turn in circles to be sure you see me!

I look down to see my very large dog running in small little circles.
Okay circus dog out to the front door... She begins to run...
wait.... wait... Look back...
okay. phew! she's still there!

Look at me run I really gotta pee!

Ah! At last! We've made it to the door we're both in relief.
I let her out she takes her running start and I hobble back to my room.

What a team eh?
Today just like pretty much any other day- will have one doctors appointment.
So today in my normalcy I realized this isn't really normal at all-

Not many teens get to say they are getting a medical degree by proxy.

So I decided with the word Lyme I would say 4 things.

ucky. I am lucky to be diagnosed with something and know what's going on rather than laying in bed each day with no answers or receiving the wrong kind of treatment because no one really listened to all of the symptoms.

oung. I have youth on my side. I can use this as an advantage so I can still go to college still go out and still have a voice- I have a lot of life left to live- I am not going to stop living now.

Me. I am learning constantly about myself. I am learning what I really love to do and what I really hate. I am learning how to take life one day at a time and most of all slowly I am learning patience. That's the hardest for me to accept is accepting to know I don't know.

veryone's support encourages me beyond measure. I never thought that this little mind mess of emotions all tangled up would become a. my vent to the world. or b. the biggest source of encouragement for me. I am so thankful for people like you who read my story and go on with life hopefully with a little more knowledge than they came in with.

So although I could have said 4 negative things there is 4 positive things. :) Have a great day!


My mother gets the spot-light today. She is very deserving of such a title and so much more- as mother's day approaches I continue to think what I could I possibly get a perfect mother?! Not sure but only time will tell what she gets... I have many idea's. Why is she so perfect in my eyes? She comes home after working 12 hours a day reminds me throughout the day to take my medicine she has a genuine heart for others and she encourages me through the worst of times and the best of times. She's there when I am seizing she's there when I am throwing up heck- she has even caught my puke. She does anything. There is nothing more genuine then the love a mother gives to her child. She is such a wonderful person inside and out. I can only continue to be thankful for her because she really deserves so much more than she gets. So with that she is my source of encouragement.

Now if you're a faithful reader of this blog- I would ask you to pray for my mother and her strength- Also if you would like... I get many cards of encouragement but it's people like her behind the scenes that make things the way they are. If you would like to send my mom a card-
Send it to:

Lyme Walk
Attn: Denise Wilcox
P.O. Box 74
Big Flats, NY 14814

Thanks for your continuous support.



1 comment:

BJK said...

Hi Victoria,

I laughed as I read about your dog :)

I too have a special mother, shes been right there through all this for me. She's gone to all my doctors appointments,

supported us finacially so we wouldnt loose everything due to lost income, she's worried and prayed, to what extent I'll probably never know.

I noticed she was getting tired and was so relieved and energized to see me start improving this winter.

I wonder, as my 5 children grow, what will they face, what struggles will they endure? Lord willing not LYME!

I know a parents worry, my onlest is 15 and youngest is 8, Im tearin up just thinking of what they may have to face in life....but

We have the Lord and his promises to help and sustain us.

On fathers day, I like simple gestures and words of careing and love, hugs are great.

This year I got my mother some Lebcuchen from Germany (she has some heritage), a sort of ginger bread-like German desert, she'll never expect it.

I dont know what I'll get my wife yet, shes a tough one...It'll come to me.

I'll be keeping your mom in prayer as well....blessings and peace to all..