Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lack of updates time's a flying...

Seems when you're in the hospital a week feels like a day a day feels like an hour and an hour feels like a minute. If you know what I mean... Time kind of stops in the moment you are in and if I didn't know my doctor came in the morning I might not notice it was even a new day.

Once you get out though things kind of change and time moves quickly and you can't seem to get enough done in that day. Yes that is how it has been lately- maybe not busy with things like homework but busy with things like doctors appointments and did you know that just feeling sick actually takes up time? I have noticed my productivity level lessens when I feel worse. So therefore sitting trying to read the AP study book I have becomes a lost task at times as I become confused and stay on the same page for hours at a time not realizing I am positive I've read it before but am surprised each time at it's content.

When Dory the fish portrayed short term memory loss in Finding Nemo- She did a fine job at it because there are some days I feel just like that!

Seems almost instantaneously I have no idea what is going on and I am lost in a sea of people and confused with my train of thought of what I was thinking- or was I thinking? I can laugh it off most of the time but it becomes rather frustrating when you're writing out an e-mail and you had something to say but then when you open the document to respond it's almost as if you forgot even why the person needed a response!

Days have been rather painful as of late- my muscles ache and my joints throb... Hopefully soon I have faith that there will be a new leaf turned.

People ask me how I am feeling or what they can do for me-

Honestly- I feel horrible. Each day coming with it's own challenge.
What can you do? The only thing I can ask is to pray for this is truly out of my hands at this point.

On the lighter note mentally the week went by very smoothly things were very nice and I was extremely grateful for those around me. It's encouraging to know people care- and I continue to believe something is happening here.

Anyone who hasn't read this yet... I am giving my testimony tomorrow at Victory Highway Church in Painted Post, NY for Senior High students and I encourage you to come out for a good night of praise and the story of what exactly is going on! :) Hope to see you there.

Have a good weekend,



Today the spot-light person is my father. No matter how many times I get confused or I ask one to many questions, forget my medication or bother him with something he doesn't want to spend time with... No matter how often I frustrate him or how deeply I annoy him he still has his own way of encouraging me. He has shown me many different things in life and is basically the old fashioned way of looking up a song by lyrics! You can start humming a tune and he will tell you the artist and can usually sing at least the chorus. He is quite unique and I am thankful he's in my life to remind me of all of the little things I commonly forget. Not on purpose but just because I don't remember!


Gracie said...

Hi Victoria. I'm Gracie and I'm one of Chris Wood's friends and I've heard your story and I love what your doing. About a month ago Chris was telling me about your bracelets, the live strong type ones, and i asked him to mail me one. Since I've been wearing it alot of people have been asking me about it and wanting to make donations and things like that. Maybe if you can get back to me we can work something out. I know I don't know you but I think your an honest to god amazing person and you will make it through whatever god hands you. Good Luck! - Gracie Bulleit Oh and you can call me or text me 404-512-3098 or you can email me


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

I had a SPECT scan done in January that showed lesions, white matter, inflamation, and poor blood flow in EVERY area of my all the times I thought it might be all in my head, well there was some truth to it :)

I often joke when Ive just had a "momment" that that one must have fallen into one of those holes in my brain.

Lately I call them Ben's bloopers and try to get a laugh out of it if possible. I do have to be careful, sometimes my mistakes or poor judment can be dangerous.

Im sorry to hear your in so much pain and feeling horrible, I ve been there, many times unfortunately. However, for me things have been looking up. With the newly discovered babesia infection, Im on malerone.

Since this has started I have NO MORE bone pain...Thank God! That was excrutiating. My minds clearing as well as some other symptoms.

Not to long ago I really thought Id never get better, and my faith was wavering, but God had other plans.

prayer: Heavenly Father we ask in Jesus name, touch Victoria, heal this illness and give her doctors wisdom that only you can give. We thank you for the good Victoria can find and pray for strength to endure the bad and maintain faith. We ask this in Jesus name, AMEN!