Monday, April 28, 2008

The best gift I could ever be given.

Last night was the best gift I could ever be given... Last night I spoke at church to the senior high and it was so amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better more genuine audience. Many kids were more than receptive of my situation and how it played out. Many came up to me and said that they would pray for me and I know that I have touched a few lives and what gift is more worthwhile than the gift of eternity in heaven. I am so very blessed to be able to be a "missionary" through my story that I have lived. People are given hope and acceptance of their own lives through what life has given me. I am so very blessed. I don't know who touched who more the audience touching me and amazing me with their gracious hearts and open minds or my story- my life... Touching them! It was very amazing to be able to go up there and be there with strength I didn't realize I had to share my roller coaster ride. I cannot thank everyone who came enough! For it was an awesome night!


There are a few well deserving people that will go in the spot-light today (along with a request for prayer for them, I know they are complete strangers but- every prayer counts!)

The Hart Family-
This family has a love of God and each other they are amazing beyond words could ever tell and they are faithful with their prayer and love for others. Mrs. Hart has a dedication to the services for others and love for teens. They came to visit me in the hospital and have continued to pray and help encourage me every step of the way. I am very blessed to have them in my life and most of all I am very glad they have been there thus far. I ask you to pray for their family as Mr. Harts brother goes through a difficult time with prostate cancer levels.

Pastor Chris-
I think he's going for an all time record of being my spot-light person. From my bedside at Arnot to my side at Victory praying with me and offering words of comfort... He really has opened my eyes to realize that if God has a vision anything can happen and the most inadequate words in my eyes become adequate for so many. It's amazing to see the work he has done for us as a student ministry and if I haven't mentioned it yet- we're all sad to see him go as he continues on his way to plant a new church in North Carolina. I ask for a few prayers for him and his family as he goes through this transition-
- That a name is formed for the church- there is still no name for the church and they cannot do tax things, etc. without a name for it.
- That Pastor Chris is at ease as he shares his story of life this upcoming Sunday and those who hear it have an uplifted heart about what he shares.
- That as a family they find connection and love through one another as they grow to know God and are able to continue to rely in his faith.

Last but not least and certainly the most important-

The Students that came to my testimony last night-
I hope they all have went to school today taking with them a new perspective on life with a new love for others and they continue to seek God and find what they need through the troubles that they face.
- Pray for each student and that they will be blessed and find love where they need it most.

Thanks for supporting me this far! (go ahead pat yourself on the back :))

I am very thankful for all those who have supported me and continue to support me. What a great thing it is to have in my favor.

Hope this is the beginning to another wonderful week-


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