Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Friends Voice

It's so weird just a few nights ago we were laughing together
about coloring outside of the lines and her loading dock leap...
I got a text tonight that didn't make sense
I just wish I had the magic wand do zap her all better.
I wait for her word to see if she's okay with no response I can only fear the worst.
Long hours pass no one sends a single letter...
Hours passing into a day...
I send another text still un-responded.
The silence that fills the empty space is captivating my mind and
stirs unexpected thought.

Tonight I got an e-mail not directly written to me-
Just a forward I thought until I opened it up
Inside it disclosed information that made my heart feel rocky
and my head started to spin
I felt hot tears pour down my cheeks
Surreal as one might put it as I thought all was well
Hoping tonight she was out not going through hell.
I don't know what to think my mind begins to run
as my mothers arms wrap around me
Slowly my world begins to spin.

She looks into my eyes and she says something isn't right.
She's losing her pace slowly and I know she might not win.
I start to ask her questions trying to seek within
hoping to grasp a word from her mouth.
Yet I watch her slowly zone out and instantaneously
I feel the weight of her body collapse into my arms
Reaching out with instinct hoping she won't be harmed.
Thoughts overwhelm me I can't explain.
Words are not within me but I run to reach the harbor of safety reaching out for help.
Soon I hear a siren I watch her leave through an ambulance window...

I keep my phone on not expecting a thing
But only continue to keep on awaiting.

I tossed and turned throughout the night
Restless doesn't begin to explain it.
I don't think any symptom at all could ever explain the feeling of worry for my friend.

This morning I wake up a little less rested than usual
Never did get to my REM...
Thoughts of that siren still linger in my head.
Written by: Victoria Wilcox

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Anonymous said...

That pretty much sums it up...(except without the texts in my case : ) ) You've got great insight!