Monday, March 31, 2008

Medical Monday

Well the past week has been a busy one that's for sure!

Tuesday night we found out that I was going in to surgery the next day (Wednesday). I have been recovering since then and it really knocked me off my feet.

Things around the house have been hectic and I am scheduled to get my port placed this Wednesday. We are hopeful that things will be on the upswing from here on out. I have noticed improvements in my health- little things here and there. Although I took a complete crash in the night last night and developed a fever today.

So we're praying the fever and flu-like symptoms are just a passing thing and my lungs that have been considerably weaker will be strengthened before I go through the more minor surgery on Wednesday. It is quite the ordeal but I am confident in the doctors that are treating me.

I am sure there are many things I have missed because I am quite tired but- the surgery was a major this week and we continue to hope that things are better soon...


Chuck is my spot-light person of the day... He is an IV therapist at Arnot and he has been very helpful along my journey. Today he put in my IV and was very quick which was impressive considering the fact that many nurses complain about how bad of a stick I am. He has treated me very nice and has been patient and shown his love for people through his work. He is as many say the "king" of IV therapy and although he's the best in the hospital he does not hold an ego and listens carefully to the people he works with. I couldn't ask for a better IV therapist and I am thankful that he shows his compassion... It's rare to find a person who works with his heart at the hospital and who takes time out of his day to understand the case.

Healthy days ahead!




Anonymous said...

Hey-It's me kayla.Just wanted to say Good Luck tommarow on your surgury. I hope it all goes okay! And I'm sure that your fever and stuff will pass on by,at least-I hope it does.Today it was pretty warm here,about 60* outside-there were some sprinkles of rain-here and there,but other than that the weather was nice. I mean bc we've had so much snow this year-that the warm weather was pretty nice,for a change.

P.S. Let me know,how your surgury went. It's getting late,so Im going to bed..TTYL!

Best Wishes~
~~love-kay(kayla meyers) xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Torie! This is Brandy and Ellie. Thank you for this blog. How are you doing today?

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I do not know if the ketogenic diet helps with those with seizures generally or only those with epilepsy. I hope that this book will answer that. B&N called last night to tell me it was available, so Ellie and & I will pick it up tomorrow.

Let me know how you are!


BJK said...

Hi Victoria,

I've been thinking and praying about your recovery from surgery and the upcoming port. Its so wierd not seeing a new blog, I miss them when you cant, but its usually a signal to pray more.

What can I write that may console a troubled soul?

What can I give to ease the suffering of a friend?

What can I offer that would provide an escape from these trials?

What can "I" is the wrong question, for all I have is that wich God has given me.

I in myself am alone, barron and empty. But God in me through Jesus, by faith....the question now is:

What are the limitations of our God, who speaks and the world is created?

How far can Gods love and compassion reach?

How many of God's angels are surrounding us at this very minute?

How long is forever, for that is how long Jesus intercedes for us at the Fathers right hand.

And, Victoria, how much does God love you, despite this trial you face, with a love that is uncomprehensible without the Holy Spirit's enlightment?

How many lives have been touched thoughout this trial? How many will come to know Jesus? You will only know when you see Him face to face.

As I have suffered through this illness, doors were opened to people I would have never met, including you.

I have seen those who question God's plan for salvation in Jesus watching closely, knowing of my faith, waiting to see if our God is able to deliver me.

God is able, and God is delivering me as I improve now regularly after so many years of agony.

Yet even when all was at its worst and I thought I was dying, How could I loose? After all, I was going to be with my Jesus. Paul wrote: To live is Christ and to die is gain.

What then is there to fear?

But I did live, and God's purpose for my life, invisible to me, unfolds as He wills.

How much stronger will my testimony of faith be as those watchers see my faith in God grow through the trial, rather than wain away.

God is faithful, able, and willing....period.

Heavenly Father, we thank you that we can come before you with our prayers and petitions, only due to the cleansing and redemption you freely gave to us through the gift of your son, Jesus. Its by faith we ask Lord; strengthen Victoria and continue to heal her body.

Give Victoria peace in the midst of this great trial, and let her faith and profession of you continue to touch the lives of all she comes in contact with.

Lift her up Lord, above the trial, open her eyes as you did Gideon's, to see the angels surrounding her in chariots of fire and the glory of God.

By the power of you word...stretch out your hand to heal.

In Jesus mighty name, AMEN.

I look forward to hearing from you. Ill continue to pray and ask that all who read this do the same.

If you find yourself reading this and dont have the confidence to pray, or this makes you uncomfortable, Its time to surrender to Jesus' will for your life and accept God's free gift of salvation.

Im sure Victoria would love to show you the way to this gift, You need only ask.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vic! Hang in there! We will get over this soon (I hope)

I am herxing so been laying low.

Sending Lymie Love your way!!
Melissa aka Merrygirl