Friday, March 21, 2008

Spot-Light Friday

In honor of Good Friday and the upcoming Easter holiday- Today I am honoring some people who have helped me along the way and it's just a big blog of good people.

Larry- Today I visited one of the various units I stayed in at Arnot and ran into Larry, one of the nurses who took care of me. From what I hear he was a very kind and compassionate man and he dealt well with my situation. After only being in the hospital for a few hours he experienced with us one of the worst seizures I have personally experienced. He seemed like a really nice guy when I got to meet him and it's so nice to meet the nurses past being to the point of being super sick and not being able to remember a thing!

Kelly- Kelly has been a really good friend to me and has shown me a lot about true friendship. She wears the lime green bracelet proudly as she helps me continue to walk along this "unbeaten path". She is a remarkable friend and has stood by me through various ups and downs she is an awesome person and an amazing musician. She is one of my major supporters and always is there when I need her and tries to come visit me as much as her schedule allows. She has taught me some things that I would've never known and through our friendship I truly cherish her as a person. She is probably one of the most unique people I have ever met and I am so thankful for her friendship. She has stood firm since the day I met her and I can't imagine not having her in my life.

Makenzie- Kenzie has been a wonderful cousin to me and she is quite the strong 7 year old. She might look like a typical kid on the outside but on the inside she really has quite the personality and is quite a spit-fire. She has always wanted to come visit me at the hospital and spent countless nights at my house. She and I don't always get along but she is a really great kid! She witnessed a seizure, saw me go through multiple IV pokes and still remains a faithful cousin and still sticks around. I picture her as fearless and I think someday she will be a really big medical person! Maybe if the cure for Lyme isn't out by then... She will cure it for good! She is such an inspiration to me because I have seen her grow and aspire to be such an awesome girl. She is very intelligent and I am proud to be her cousin.

Marty- It's always nice to have a nurse who understands your pain and is willing to step outside the box with you. She has been such a wonderful and comforting nurse and shown her wonderful Christian attitude through her actions and kindness. I am so thankful she was my nurse and she continues to be my nurse on the days I get my infusion done on the pediatrics floor and she is working. She gave me some amazing advice while I was in the hospital and her wisdom is something I truly cherish.

Chris- Chris is quite the character and an amazing person who has a very amazing story in his life. I am so thankful he has kept me in his life and he has taught me some major things. Through our time chatting and talking in person he has really made me think a lot about life and it's amazing to see how much change I can see in him through the past 2 years. Although we distanced our relationship and didn't see each other for 2 years it has helped us appreciate the things we have and we have become closer. He is a really neat guy and I am thankful for all of the conversations he has had with me and all of the aspects of life he has helped me think about from politics, to best friends he has always been a really neat person to talk to and someone who I have learned a lot about.

Lucy- On the outside Lucy might look like a typical teen but on the inside she is indescribable. She has taught me so much about myself and about making myself feel better even when I felt like I was never going to be happy again. She has helped me see that Lyme is a battle I can face and she is an awesome girl. She is very artistic and has an awesome ability to paint. She has really amazed me with the power she has behind her and I am amazed as we talk at what she has been through. She continues to tell me a story of her past that still can effect her future. She is really remarkable and another person I can be nothing but thankful for.

Makayla- So Makayla is probably the sweetest girl I know and she has such a heart for God. She is a very amazing person like everyone I have put on this blog is and lives a life for others she is always calling me or asking if she can do anything even though she is completely across the U.S. from me! She is quite a girl and I am amazed with her progress and she always amazes me at what she does. She has recently started a pen-pal group for the teens that have Lyme to connect us, and we're all doing it via snail mail to use something that can seem so old fashioned at times. But there still is nothing like getting a letter in the mail. She has a wonderful heart and I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Sarah- Sarah is an awesome person and she is pretty much my teammate. Although for posting this photo I will probably be shot. It's the only photo I have of her alone. She has helped me and been there for me since wow about the third grade. Although we have drifted we have always maintained some sort of friendship. She has helped me a BUNCH with the Lyme Walk and she updates everyone when I am too sick to do so. She is pretty much the brains of the operation. She has worked out a lot of the logistics and I am really really blessed to have her on my side. Even though she is strong minded and I am strong minded she really works with me and together we work as a team. Her family all together has been a blessing to us and they work daily to help us especially with the walk and getting things done... Since lately our family has been focused souly on making me better! Sarah is really a one of a kind and I am so glad she is in my life. And this photo was taken at my birthday party and she was eating birthday cake- She got the first piece! It was quite a laugh and that's why I even have a photo of her eating.

Now this blog would not be complete without one person who has not been spot-lighted yet. And that's my "Lymie mom"

Lis- Okay. So I cannot say anything short of amazing about this woman. She has encouraged me and pushed for me since day one and is actually one of the reasons I was re-diagnosed with Lyme. She provides so much for our area and has been a huge advocate for awareness and prevention of Lyme Disease I am very thankful she is in my life and she's an awesome woman. Just getting to know her and her family she feels like she is part of my own family. She is such a wonderful person and has a very generous heart. Most of all I ask for prayer for her throughout her battle as she is suffering the most out of this whole group at the moment and needs extra prayer and support through the upcoming days. She truly an amazing person.

There are so many more people I could list! This is only a fraction of my support that stand behind me but, these are a few of the amazing people who keep me going on a daily basis. They keep smiling and keep pushing forward and make my courage all that much more worth it. To everyone else I had to save some for the upcoming days! Since I am sure there will be many more people that will need to be spot-lighted. :)


makayla said...

Oh my, I started to cry!!!! So sweet, Thank you!!!!!! You are so amazing too!

BJK said...

Hi Vic,

You have so many people in your life to help you through this and, well, just be your friend too. Thats great!

Im not sure if I've ever met anyone, in my 38 years of life, that has the ability to find and so elequently describe, the good in people.

I hope reading this blog today inspires others to support someone, come along side, and be thier friend through thick and thin.

Have a great day Vic and go forth to face the challenges of the day in the strength of the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Victoria, You never cease to amaze me! You seem to always find the good in people. I'm pulling for you, you have great things to accomplish. You go girl!!!
Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Victoria!!
I hope your enjoying your holiday.
Get better soon..

Love-Ya Old Friend(~Kayla xo)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing better!! Olivia misses you in Sunday school, and Dwayne and I miss our nights out! I have been reading your Blog now for about 2 weeks; I can’t believe all you have been through. You are nothing less than amazing. You are an inspiration to anyone who reads your blog, that even through your trials you write very encouraging things to people and about people. Keep up all your hard work. Stay positive, God's Blessings and favor are being poured over you. See you at the walk with kids in tow!!

Jean Harshberger

Fight The Bite said...


Just to let you know we are reading your blogs. It was nice to see you and talk with your mom at the Dr. office today. If you and or your family need anything please let us know.

Stay thinking positive better days to come,
Sharlene and Rob