Sunday, March 2, 2008

ick to picc's and ticks!

haha I thought the headline was kind of creative?

Last night after blogging... My mom came in and asked me to stand for her... I was a little nervous so I said yes and reluctantly I am happy to announce:

I took like three steps!! Although they were a little shakey they were steps! So this is most definitely improvement and I am sure you all will be overjoyed to hear about that. :)

Today, after praying and wondering and trying to think if I might ever get to go to church... I went! I got out of bed got some clothes on looked like my sickly little self and went to church. Those of you who don't know me, don't know that church is probably my biggest driving force. Without my church I don't think I would be nearly as happy and as strong spirited as I am... I have been brought in touch with so many incredible families from that church! Ah, at last I must say God works in wonderous ways that I really don't think I will ever see coming until bonk. They hit me in the forehead... As long as he doesn't leave bruises like the IV team does at the hospital we're cool! :)

After church and talking to everyone and surprising everyone with my guest appearance! :) (One thing about our church is the immense support you receive the moment you walk in the door. Smiling faces tight hugs, and LOVE!) So this is why I love going there and last night I asked many friends to pray that if it was God's will... I would be able to go to church and I was able to get myself there and it was the best feeling in the world to be there!

Well I decided since my OCD is acting up and I really am itching to get a tackle on the medical files that I would like to risk everything and go to wal mart while we were out and go get filing stuff and get some planting stuff. One thing I want to do is to show life is going on in the world... Have something growing! So I want to start an indoor plant garden with veggies so..... After reading lots about plant gardening in pots while I was in the hospital my mom bought me a mix of crazy stuff to start my indoor garden. I am absolutely psyched! We also ran into a long time friends father. And I might be able to go hang out with Kally (read Kally's story at the end of post) a few hours every so often! Which made me extremely happy and would be very exciting because it's something I am confident about doing even with my condition and I have a deep love for Kally. So it was really a great thing to run into him and hear a little update!

Now, usually when I ask for prayer I just say thank you for prayer. Thank you for your thoughts continue to pray for my health! Today, I am a little more specific with my request: My picc line (which we are continuing to feel is very important to my road to recovery) looks as though I may have another yeast infection in it! Which if you do not know much about picc lines can be very dangerous if not taken care of. My skin is draining out onto my shirt and the site is warm to the touch... Since we just noticed it worsening today, we will probably wait til tomorrow and head to the IV team at the hospital tomorrow morning to have them take a peak and see if there is any hope in saving the picc. Which I hope there is! Since of course getting an IV alone is no fun but having an IV strung from your upper arm to your chest is a little more intense and is something I have already done three times! My skin is just so sensitive we don't really know what is going on. Hopefully it's a topical thing that can be taken care of.

Right now our family is overwhelmed with support of others and financial difficulties of many sorts. We are willing to try anything if it means getting me better but... We cannot afford me to stay on IV forever as some think if it works I should! So there are still many things to face and many hurdles to overcome but things will get better at the slow steady pace as we continue to look forward.

Tomorrow I am also heading to a new doctor so prayers there are helpful but I am confident he is a good doctor and he is going to help us with herbal remedies and such so as I have mentioned him before I think he is another step in the right direction.

Okay, so music is big with me right now. If you suggest anything I will give it a listen. My new song of interest is Anna Nalick's Shine. I probably will have a new song daily because I am really getting motivated by the music aspect of life.

Kally is probably one of the most inspirational people in my life. Yes, I have a few that I would say that about. She is 18 years-old and lives with down syndrome. She is a great girl and can add a smile to any one's face. She has helped me notice the simplest things in life and shown me that even the most complex situations can be healed with a hug and a smile. She strives for success and knows her desires! She can be quite a handful but, after meeting her in the 3rd grade and keeping in touch all of these years I consider her to be a friend and not so much a person to baby-sit. Although sometimes I can forget she does not understand and frustration overwhelms me. I still am able to pull through and she will be my forever coloring, and Disney movie watching buddy. As the world grows around her Kally continues to stay interested in the simple things and if at all I an only wish to keep a little of Kally in me- and notice the simple things! (her section is pink in honor of pink being her favorite color! :))


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your steps!!
That's so great!
Goodluck with your PICC and the new doctor!

Anonymous said...

Wow Vic, thats great! I fell your concern about the picline and financial burdens

God id able to do IMESURABLY more than what we ask or even imagine!

Prayer...Heavenly Father, we ask you in Jesus name by your great grace and love; Please help Vic with her pic line and infection, streatch out your hand to heal. Continue to bless Vic with the courage and determination as you walk with her through this trial; meet all of her and her families needs. We ask this all in Jesus name....Amen.

Everyone who reads this , pray in faith, believing for Vic.

I'm off to an eye appt- talk later


Anonymous said...

Yay on the steps!!!!! I'm so glad that the picc line is working!!! I hope that you are able to clear up the infection. I'll listen to the song shine. I have one of Anna Nalick's other songs.


Anonymous said...

Victoria, glad to hear your up and taking steps! Your such an inspiration in all you do!
Your in our prayers...
Kim & Rocco (if your not sure who we are..check your "lymesucks" email)