Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey look ma, I am not running into our new woodwork!

I have upgraded from the wheelchair to the walker. Although I am such a sight with the walker and my pitiful walking I will not be amusing on lookers with my stylish walker and relying upon the wheelchair in public.

**A quick explanation of my heading- As many of you know we had an addition put on our house just before I got very ill. So we have a beautiful kitchen and all new cupboards and woodwork (wood floors, cabinets, etc.) throughout our house! What a dream for my mother... Then clunk, clunk, clunk you hear me coming through the house from the other end when I am in my wheelchair. I can personally tell it hurts her to see her teen in a wheelchair AND to see her teen side-swiping the new cabinets! So it is of great relief that I am building strength each day.**

I was unable to go to the chiropractor today due to very yucky weather outside and my father was concerned about icy roads since we would have had to leave early in the morning. Which was understandable and due to the fact I was not able to sleep last night very well I was VERY thankful when he said hey, Tori go back to sleep we re-scheduled your appointment.

I busied my day with working on photo shop I am sure it will be my addiction until I have completed the children's book that I have been challenged to illustrate. I am so excited about it yet nervous. I have no idea what I want to do yet 100's of idea's! It should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Tomorrow will be another busy day-

I have a Physical Therapy Appointment in the morning of which I am positive they will whip my butt into shape and tell me how it is. Even though I have yet to meet a horribly mean physical therapist and they actually were my favorite team in the hospital because they gave me hope of getting out of there!

I am also going to get my hair done. A big relief to have my hair washed by my aunt and not my mom. (no offense mom!) My mom just doesn't seem to get all of the soap out of my hair and I can't complain because I am too busy using up all of my strength holding myself in a position so she can wash my hair. It's frustrating being sick, my suggestion: DON'T GET SICK! So I am excited to go get my hair done. (below is a bio on my Aunt Debbie, kinda like Kally's except I don't know her favorite color.)

I got a few uplifting e-mails about this blog. People are happy that I am keeping them updated past my days in a hospital bed. I am happy that people are willing to support me. my inspiration for the day!

I think about it a lot and you know people say what I am going through is horrible but maybe it’s the way God is getting my attention for something later on in life. If we all are willing to be used by him we must be willing to go through whatever it takes to get us ready to do his will. After all his son was nailed to a cross is your faith so strong you would be willing to place it all in his hands? Never look back take a leap of faith and be ready to be 100% used by him. That is my thought today.

This is my return.

**Aunt Debbie- hm. well first off she is a hairdresser, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, grandmother, piano player, some Sundays helps with the worship team, yeah she is pretty awesome. She also has inspired me. She inspires me because she never gives up and keeps on going and keeps focus on God even though she is quiet and doesn't say much her silence speaks a great amount. She is a wonderful woman and she also does my hair and believe me: there is one place you never want to deal with me and that's when I am going to get my hair done. I usually can never get a sentence out with my idea of how I want my hair my idea is constantly changing and then at the end I usually end up in tears over the haircut! So to be able to deal with that alone makes her a saint. She also had 2 knee replacement surgeries and has trouble with her shoulders yet she continues to work, provide for her 3 grand-children, husband, and two sons. She has been a great asset to the Lyme Walk and she constantly reminds me of things that need to be updated and gives me the honest truth when things don't look great. She also sends me some really thought provoking e-mails that can either make me laugh, smile, or cry or sometimes all three. She has really helped me with a lot of things that go unspoken and is a truly amazing woman. Another inspiration in my life. My Aunt Debbie.**

Here's to a good night and pushing forward!


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Anonymous said...

Victoria, glad to hear your up and taking steps! Your such an inspiration in all you do!
Your in our prayers...

Kim & Rocco (if your not sure who we are..check your "lymesucks" email)