Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surgery Time.

So after my ultra-sound today, we found out my gallbladder was not in a state of healthiness. Not a surprise after all of the painful attacks I have been having....

I have to have my gallbladder taken out at 11 tomorrow afternoon at Arnot. I hopefully will be home by tomorrow night if all goes well.

They said they would also like to place a port within the upcoming week.

I am extremely tired but that's the update. So- no speaking for me tomorrow and please continue to pray for a quick and easy surgery and very quick return home.

My Spot-Light person today is-
The Volunteer at the front desk. I do not know this man's name but his devotion to his job and escorting people of all ages to their car is remarkable and I am very impressed with what he does. He's a great man and I am thankful to have such a caring compassionate person there.


Anonymous said...

Vic thinking of you. I will pray all goes well with surgery.

Keep your chin up girly!

by the way, why dont they put the port in while you are under?

Sending Lymie Love your way!
Melissa (aka Merrygirl)

Anonymous said...
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Pamd33 said...

Hi Victoria,

I was your neighbor at the Infusion center yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you and your dad. You are a super kid, and I admire what you are trying to do. We'll for sure be at the walk in June.

Good luck with your surgery today, I am sending you lots of good wishes!

All my best,
Pam Davis

Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria,
I am so glad to hear that your surgury went well. All-though It's kinda sad to hear that your still in pain and still very weak. I'll be sending prayers out for you.

Stay Strong,AND Get Better Sooon!
Love-Kayla xoxo