Thursday, March 27, 2008


What fun would it be not to have a few photos of the last few days?

The last "bonding" moments with my gallbladder as my mom would put it... I was still a little uneasy about the whole situation.

Post- Surgery, Thanks for the suckers Maddie! To the right is my faithful dog Buster and there's the lovely oxygen.... Yeah I was just waking up and everyone wanted a sucker from the awesome sucker bouquet and before sharing I wanted a photo of them.

My battle wounds! It looks as though I have been shot four times... Did I mention... There was an intense fight I had to break up in the middle of the ghetto of Elmira? Luckily for me all I ended up with is these 4 shot wounds... You should have seen the others! hehe.

So yep- now I am going to rest. Just thought you all might enjoy a few photos.


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makayla said...

Aw....your battle wounds are so sad....but you got through it!!!!