Monday, March 3, 2008

Answered Prayer!

I am lacking strength to type right now due to a busy day, so I am taking the last bit of energy I have to write a blog.

Today I slept in and was very very tired. My father woke me up at 10 to take my seizure
meds but I couldn't pull myself to get out of bed and was soon back to sleep. Around 12 he came back in and said I should probably get up because we needed to head to the hospital and start the day. I was rather bummed but glad he woke me then! Within moments IV therapy finally returned his phone call and we were on our way to Arnot to get my picc checked. Thank you to all who prayed, there was answered prayer!

Upon getting to the hospital we had to go to the ER because that's where we were directed. I was nervous because everyone was coughing and some were wearing masks others just coughed freely into the air! Hello! If you have a cough put a mask on!!!! It scared me a bit and I asked the security guard to get me to a room quickly or get me a mask, or both! I ended up with both. Since my body is weak fighting off whatever is going around isn't really an option and right now the hospitals are FILLED with contagious people.

Then Rose, an IV tech that I know quite well and is very talented came and was surprised to see me back so soon! She saw my site and agreed it looked horrible and was thankful we came to see her. :) So I guess we're getting good at knowing when to head to the hospital.. We told her what was going on and she put a new dressing on it and if it comes down to it, we may be changing the dressing every 24 hours. Which is stressful on my mom because it has to be sterile but it might be the only thing we can do to clear up this horrendous rash that has developed. Get this: I am the SECOND case they have had like this. My body must like to be unique! GR!! Oh well, I was very happy to have a
familiar face to take care of me instead of having someone like we had my first picc line... They just pulled the picc without any consideration of the situation or alternative treatment! So although the picc is being a pain and itching up a storm I am mentally preparing myself for the days to come.

The chiropractor has given me hope and hope is what I need! I was able to start on a magnesium supplement today and after X-Rays which will be taken in his office on Wednesday I will start further treatment. It has been confirmed I am quite ill and that my body isn't producing things it should be which makes getting better quite difficult. So he will work with us to make me better and fill my body with the things it isn't making enough of on it's own. So I think the trips to
Owego will become a little more regular but are worthwhile at this point.

He has informed us that he thinks that my body is internally and externally weak but he will work on rebuilding the internal things to make things like the
antibiotics be able to do their job more efficiently. What a GREAT idea! First doctor to ever think about how everything else is getting knocked out by the antibiotics and everything else in sight!

So weak,
weary, tired, and kinda just feeling no good yes. But at least I don't have a tube down my throat!!

My inspiration for the day?

I hope you all are a little stronger than me tonight and I will continue to update as I can.For now I am off to detach my IV and nap if possible!



Sami Sigel said...

Hi Victoria :)
It seems like you've been dealing with alot lately. I hope things begin to improve for you. I can't imagine if my PICC line had ewwy stuff coming out of it.. my mom would be having a fit lol :P

Anyway, I have to go to Connecticut today. Its a 7-8 hour drive from where I'm located at so I'm not excited about that at all.

I just wanted you to know that you are always in my thoughts & prayers and I hope your health continues to improve.


BJK said...

Hi Vic,

Praise God, he is always faithful. I Hope your Moms holding up OK, this disease takes its tole on everyone doesnt it? I have to be brief today, but just wanated to check in.

May God continue to bless you and strenthen you..In Jesus mighty name, AMEN!


Anonymous said...


I'm glad to hear that your picc is getting dealt with. Its great to hear about the chiropractor. Do you like animals? I love them. I have a horse, but lyme has made me allergic to her, so I can only go occasionally :(.