Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Truth About Physical Therapy

So today... I came complete in workout gear if you notice on my right wrist there is a sweatband and there is another blue one on the other side. My Physical therapist gave them to me (Burger King special). The nice work out socks "those socks just never go out of style! I wore the same exact ones my senior year of high school in basketball!"- Another Physical Therapist, the short shorts andd... T-shirt oh and we musn't forget the headband thing that drew quite a bit of attention. Maybe another day I will have a close up of the cane for everyone to see it's beauty. I got a lot of compliments on it today. To the left of me is my lovely Physical therapist Jenn. She is looking all pretty and I was gross because I had to work really hard and this photo was taken after...

I am officially half time cane half time walker. And I am just going to leave it with glorious Physical Therapy today because the rest of the day has been crappy and I am sick of being sick. But that was most definitely the highlight of my day.

Lucy Mooney-
Is the spot-light person today. She has helped me overcome many hurdles and she also keeps me thinking of a bright future. She has overcome Lyme and is in remission I guess you could say and is working on building up strength to become a normal teen again. She's a very positive person and has helped me notice things in myself and helped me feel better even when I have been completely down at the bottom of my bucket. So she deserves some credit and definitely deserves the title to be yet another inspiration.

Jenn if you have issues with the wonderful photo of us you can tell me about it tomorrow in Physical Therapy. :P


makayla said...

SWEET!!!!!!! I love that picture!!!!!! And congrats on being on your way to walking without any help...You Can Do It!!!!
Just know that God is in control, and with him we will get through this disease =)
love ya, makayla

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,

Its BJK...having trouble logging in today so I guess that makes me officially anonymous...well not anymore.

Great picture, Praise God....moving to a cane is a big step! No pun intended.

I have two canes I USED to have to is crafted from my favorite wood....beach, the other is maple.

I remember the last month before i was finally diagnosed, I was mostly bedridden and when I moved around (cant call it walking) I stubornly stuck to the cane even with everyone saying I needed a walker and wheel chair....this did me no good, 10 feet was exhausting! I used wheel chairs in the hospitals and sometimes in stores....just too far, couldnt do it.

I saved my canes and hope to let someone use them someday, so let me know if you need a spare (theyre really nice). One has an fold-in ice pic in the base...(not the ugly ones) this worked pretty well on slippery days.

I cant say I miss them and hope that my progress continues, Lord willing.

I had a busy day today...getting ready for our big move, out of our country home and into an intown rental( really neat large 1900's house). It has a bedroom for all of us...6 bdrms...2 living rooms...2 dining areas...maybe Ill be able to find a quiet spot? Probably wishful thinking with the 5 children and thier friends).

I hope you are feeling better today...God is faithful and will finish the good work He has started in you!

Talk soon...keep me posted and send a note anytime you need prayer or even just to talk/vent


Heavenly Father, we come before you by your great grace In the name of your Son, Jesus. I ask that you continue to help Vic as she makes these difficult changes and progress.

Help her to rest in your embrace with all of her cares and worries. We ask for healing both for her body and heart as this disease so greatly affects both......

Lord we believe, but just as the man who was in need prayed, Lord i believe but help my unbelief. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness...AMEN!


PS- I showed my 15 year old daughter your picture and she sort of went ..Tah, shes tall. Megan is pretty short and If Im interpreting her language correctly she was envious of how you look.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,

You sound like ur getting a little bit better eachday.Hopefully sometime soon,you'll be able to walk better and maybe even on your own,without having to use the wheelchair..Your a really strong person,and you've got lots of friends and family giving you lotz of support threw all of this..
Love-kayla xo