Friday, March 21, 2008

Serious Help?

Okay whoever Anonymous is they have my attention enough to write the following:

First off are you positive you aren't out seeking attention?

The purpose of this blog is not to get attetion and I am not seeking attention. The purpose is souly for information for family and friends who I don't get to call on a nightly basis and tell them my progress.

I feel a lot of the attention it has gotten is souly because the people who come want to be here. If you don't want to read the blogs then don't come to the site it's as easy and simple as that.

For those of you who feel this is something that is ridiculous, ask the many who it has helped because there are people who come here and it has helped.

So Anonymous- There is a place for your name and use it or else your comments will no longer be published on this site. I am not going to go through and read your rude and bashing comments and furthermore no one else should have to. I am not doing this for attention and I don't want attention. So why the heck since you have a blog now written about you- face your fears and write your name.


makayla said...

Well said Victoria! Good Job! You don't need those negative have had enough of those in our journey with this disease!

BJK said...

Wow Vic,

Im so sorry you are still dealing with these negative comments....bummer.

You handled yourself well.

As if it wasnt bad enough your being attacked inside by these bacteria!

I dont understand the rationale for someone doing this....If you, that is...the people doing this... are reading this comment....

Why dont you pick on me for a while, any time you like---Id love to talk to you ,

I'm serious, please email me and we'll talk, Id really like to speak with you...that is if you have the courage. When you write be sure to mention who you are "anonymous".

Vic, Ill continue to pray about this , but more importantly that you continue to heal and that God strengthen your faith through it all.

I really missed your normal blog, while I did see why this was needed. You always have some inspiration that lifts me up and I love to read your spot light section, you have some great friends.

Hang in there...

Ben (aka BJK)