Monday, March 17, 2008

I have learned.

So through having Lyme I have learned a little bit-

- I have learned that seeing friends in school is really important and really does help with motivation... Even though I didn't always love school.

- Nurses probably have the hardest job on the planet.

- Parents actually really do have the hardest job and I am amazed at how well my parents parent sometimes even though it's really frustrating.

- That nothing is impossible and allergies are always able to form.

- That social contact is REALLY important and I am not going to miss church this next weekend even if it means bringing me in on a hospital stretcher. (I need that refueling that I get when I go.)

- That really everything happens for a reason and that I have met some amazing people that I never would have met if it hadn't been for this disease- so I can't complain and that in itself is a gift.

- I have learned more medical terms and more about picc line's than many nurses will ever know or understand. And I am getting to know a lot about many different things that I never dreamed of and can use big words and know what I am talking about like Fibrin.

- Many people walk REALLY fast and that no one ever gets used to a teenager being sick and using a walker.

- How much 'normal' life really is taken for granted.

Most importantly-

How important my family is to me even though I can't always show it. And how much I miss my dog when I am not home in my own bed. She's always there for me.

(I don't want to go into details but- I need some major prayer. Things have been crazier...)

My spot-light person is Jessica Stevens and I will post more about her later. For now it's just important you pray for her as well.

Physical Therapy tomorrow!

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BJK said...

Hi Vic,

Its a wierd morning today, I have this song stuck in my head from the movie "Cars".

Its called "Behind the clouds" and it says the suns always shining right behind the clouds.

It reminds me of a trip to Florida ( and my last trip to flora ) when I was young.

As we flew you could look out the jet window and all you saw for miles were the tops of dense clouds, shining brightly as the sun seemed intensified with the reflection.

As you shared in this post, that every thing happens for a reason. While we're here often under the seeming gloom of the dark clouds in our life...

God is always there. When Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego were sentenced to be thrown into the furnace for thier faith in God and unwaivering public declaration of that faith, God did not stop them from being thown into the fire.

While avoiding the fire would have been, in my mind, very much prefered. God allowed this to happen for his purposes and glory. And when they were thrown into the furnace, God was there, walking with them, right in the fire.

Then, when all saw they were not being consumed by the fire, they were called out and all were amazed that they were not burned and thier clothes didnt even smell of smoke!

Through this miracle, The leaders of this nation, who persecuted all who worshiped the one true God, became believers and the entire nation began to turn to God.

Vic, God is with you in this fire, just as he has been with me. Even through my wavering, anger, and at times even rebellion, He has remained faithful to his promises.

Stand fast in your faith Vic and trust in the Lord, our stong tower and deliverer!

Prayer: God, our heavenly father, bless Vic today. Stengthen her faith and hold her up as she endures the events of the day.

Please touch her friend as well, you know all thier needs. You say every every hair on our heads is numbered and I know that nothing escapes you sight.

We pray for faith and healing Lord, according to you unfailing word, In Jesus name, AMEN.


Oh- the people that we showed our house to last week are coming to look at it again Wenesday! This is a hope sign, we really need to sell.

As an act of faith My wife and I had decided to move into the intown rental April first, without knowing if we had a buyer. Only God can make this work, we cannot afford rent and a mortgage. I know God is faithful and will do His perfect will in our lives.