Monday, March 24, 2008

Medical Monday- I have decided every Monday I will post a medical update on what is going on thus far.

First and foremost HAPPY EASTER- I hope every one's Easter was spent with loved ones and family. I know our Easter went well, and I hope everyone was happy and healthy throughout the day.

"Keeping looking up... that's where miracles come from."

Today I had an appointment with my PCP and I am just updating those of you who follow my journey medically with the past week-

We have been using my peripheral veins for IV's and they are going to continue to use them until we get further information from various tests that will be performed within the next few days.

I have been having increasing abdominal pain especially in my stomach cavity which brings concern to problems with my gallbladder. It especially increases with eating and is tender to the touch- after an evaluation from the doctor he feels it might be my gallbladder and wants to check it out with an ultrasound. He also is checking my liver function and depending on these tests depends on a lot of major things-

If getting a port is necessary

What the next action steps may be

If we choose to get my gallbladder out, to continue Rocephine or start something else...

If my gallbladder is going bad- we will probably discontinue the use of Rocephine but if all shows up well, we will be able to continue the use of it. Which is good because it seems to be working well. But a little scary for me since I am still not sold on the whole idea of the port...

Although we cannot rely on peripheral veins forever because many are shot due to increased usage and lots of pokes and have become corded veins which simply means scar tissue has built up around the veins causing it to be difficult to get into the vein. It can take up to 2 years for these veins to heal but they can heal over time. So with that after finding out the results of the tests we should know better if we will continue this medication or be switching and getting a consult with our LLMD about the action steps that should be taken next.

I have also been consulting with our homeopathy chiropractor in Owego and he has given me some supplements that will help with yeast problems and help with other things that my body seems to be lacking. We are all keen on him helping us and thus far he has helped me greatly. I wish we had went to him sooner! A few days ago I complained of my elbow bothering me, come to find out my whole elbow was out of alignment! Needless to say now a few days later my elbow is feeling much better!

Physical Therapy is helping me feel steady progress I am pushing myself a little to use the cane more and the walker less... Not only is it more convenient but it's also giving my muscles more of a work out. Although I think the walker might be used a little more tomorrow around the house because I have used the cane so much I have been a little weaker. Due to my lack of scheduling I was not able to get into Physical Therapy this week with my usual 3 appointments but will be called if there are any cancellations.

On the Spot-light-

Today the spot-light person is Abbie. Abbie has been in my life since I was a little girl and after having Spanish 4 together we started hanging out again. She has a sincere heart and is very kind and loving. I am very glad she is in my life not only does she come to the hospital but she is always trying to cheer me up and she has had me over to her house a few times, given me rides to school early in the morning (when I was still going hehe), taken me to sparkle, and most of all helped me feel a little less abnormal. She's an awesome person and I am so very grateful she is in my life. She can always make me laugh and she even tolerates me when I insist we look up what the names were of the baby spiders on Charlotte's Web! For all of you who care they are- Joy, Aranea and Nellie. :) She is an awesome girl and a wonderful athlete and totally rocks at dying eggs! hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vic,Sounds like your easter was good. My mom got me this egg,and you put it in water and it hatches after 12-24 hrs. and it turns into either a duckie or a turtle. Mine is a duck. I didnt really do everything that i usually do on easter. but I had a good time. I hope you feeling good today. Ill talk to you later..

Love ya-Kayla xoxo

P.S.Best Wishes! On getting better..