Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ordinary Sunday

Today has been pretty typical and today I just want to take notice of the littlest things in life because they mean a lot so here are photos- each symbolizing something simple and so everyday but something that amazes me or makes me happy. Tomorrow is just around the corner with a Medical Update. :)

Health, and cheer. After staying at strong health in a baby is something I am amazed with so precious and so miraculous it's amazing that a single cell can become a working, thinking, functioning human. One thing that no one ever skips is being born. It amazes me when watching a little baby and them discovering each thing new to them in their life. New sounds, texture, colors, noises, and shapes they slowly develop their personality around what they have seen and experienced.

The love and bond between a mother and father and their child no matter what the age... It is something that impresses me beyond any measure.

The sprout of a new plant and the sign of a new beginning the thought that no one needs to tell the seed what to do it just grows and reaches towards the sun... Or like baby sea turtles that hatch away from their egg to crawl across a sandy beach to reach the ocean... So little and so insignificant yet such an amazing thing to see or experience.

Laughter- The ability to laugh and laugh with others is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive or give. It is a healing mechanism that works far more efficiently than anything you could ever find in a medical book and lightens the heart.

And the last one for tonight- Rather controversial is a tick.

To me this is a miracle in itself and also brings great reality to life and purpose. If you take a look at a tick you can really only see it as shown above if you have a high quality microscope and are in a controlled environment. You will find that beneath this tick it is small as a pin prick but has the power within it to turn families upside down, change lives, and destroy communities. This little tiny insect if you will- has so much power brought within it... We are almost foolish to say we are inadequate in any way shape or form because we have so much more power and ability yet we let others restrain us and hold us back from dreams, hope, and faith. It's amazing something so simplistic and tiny can do so much be we has humans seem to do nothing.

Tonight's spot-light person is another group-

Tonight I spot-light the care-givers of the unhealthy and pray that strength is given to each of them in their darkest moments as they really are the behind the scenes that make the people who are fighting strong and seem powerful.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria-
I'm just checking in and seeing how your doing. And I just wanted to let you know that Im thinking about you,and wishing that you get better soon..

love-kay xxo(~kayla~)