Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Covered in Prayer

Dear friends,

I ask that tomorrow no matter where you are at 9:30 you stop to pray. I have touched on this here but as I begin to pray over this matter I believe as a country we need to stop and pray for our communities and God's touch within our lives.

The past few days I found myself wondering and confused and extremely lonely without a lot of God. In the midst of that God has shown up despite my confusion. And now more than ever I have found myself trusting him and awaiting on him. However I believe we need to be a nation that's on our knees falling face first into the presence of God the mighty God who made the heavens of the earth. We need to be back in awe of God flat on our faces in his presence. This video by: Francis Chan.

My hopes is within the next 24 hours people begin having heart change and find themselves with God in new, real, ways with hearts transformed for the Lord.

Stop and think.

What are we doing here? Where is God within our every day? Are we co-laboring with God? I am just in awe tonight of how complex God's will is for each of our lives. How much he loves us, and how perfect his grace is. Just find your quiet place, find time with God remember God loves us more than any sparrow and he provides perfectly for the needs of the birds.

Dear God,
I just ask that you touch the person that is reading this. I ask that their heart is transformed and they find their place in front of you. I ask that you find us praising you in the midst of our stress and our confusion of life. Dear Lord, just make our love anew transform our hearts so we can love deeper and more fully than ever before. Help us remember that despite anything we have done, despite all of the bad and the sins, and our guilt God is totally and crazy in love with us. Dear Lord, speak truth into our lives. Let us be so in love with you that we don't understand your love at all. Thank you for everything you have done in our lives. Bless our communities and our cities and have full reign over everything that is within them. Touch the cities supernaturally and rock our campus so hard that it doesn't know what happened dear Lord. Change us and hear our cries this evening.
In your great and mighty name,

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BoufMom9 said...

This spoke to me in such HUGE volumes! I have been feeling So lost lately (the yearly date of Tuesday's death is approaching and another little one I know is losing her battle and has days left...) I have been struggling horribly and just have felt... alone.
Thank you for your prayers and your beautiful soul.
I pray you find comfort in the Lord as well.
Blessings to you!