Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Growing Closer- In the midst of separation

Coming back to college has posed its own new struggles and problems to overcome.

With each day it seems that there are new hurdles to overcome and new reasons to cling to God. I have found myself more focused and ready to face the upcoming weeks as I approach going back to class full time and re-learning how to walk. I seem to remember each day I am just a typical teen going through typical teen things with the other random things I face with trouble with relationships, and difficulty with communication. I find new ways of doing things and I am rewarding my little victories over the huge hurdles yet to come.

My book remains on the back burner at this moment, or in the back of my mind rather. I have been in communication with the publishing company and things of that matter but nothing is solid with a date. Although a word count has been submitted! Which was a huge process.

I have really found God working within my heart and calling me to what seems impossible to me- impossible. And yet, I continue to be reminded impossible is just a word that is used, but it means nothing at all in the light of the Lord.

I continue to covet your prayers as I struggle through the upcoming days and remain focused on my work. I ask that my heart will not be bitter to those around me and I can find a new way to love as I have found myself struggling with kindness and patience.

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Elaina said...

Hey hun! good luck with school and everything! Sounds like god has your heart heading in the right direction. Remember as christians we start out as babies and have to grow as time goes on, so straying from the christian path is just another lesson in life and in our relationship with god. You'll hold together well in the next few weeks, I'm sure of it! get well! prayers and hugs coming from NH! :-)