Thursday, January 14, 2010


So the truth be known: dropping out of college has frequented my mind more than anyone would like to know.As I begin to pray about it, it's definitely not the path to go. Financially I don't know how in the world I am going to afford continuing to go to school- however I believe even in the midst of all of this God has a plan.

Today my body continues to ache and be in a lot of pain even just moving around seems to be a great source of agony. Which has been really difficult for me. However I think overall I am improving. I still am unable to walk really without assistance but I am looking forward to being able to soon. Being back home when all of my friends are at school has been really tough on me and I didn't realize how much I really do care for each and every college friend I have made.

Spiritually God has strangely enough pulled me back to him and grabbed me in his arms. He has swept me up like a giddy school girl at prom. And I am finding his strength to be perfect even in the midst of my complete and utter weakness.

I have no idea how I am going to make it through school at this point but I am beginning to understand exactly what God wants me to do. I am finding that true love that God wants us to have.

You can't say that you have never been amazed by how awesome and fulfilling God's love for us is. He covers us and is perfect for us even our utter weakness. We as humans can love, but we cannot offer that perfect love and though we know the morning to come at approximately the same time every day and it's faithfulness to each and every day or the consistency of time, God's love is even more consistent than that and he is what will sustain me.

This song just describes that fully. Be encouraged and know that God is with you and embracing you wherever he goes. He is jealous for us.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how God's plan for our lives sometimes takes us out of our comfort zones in order for us to see His plan more clearly! My oldest son was frustrated when his friends went away to college and he stayed behind at the local university. However, that's where he found his future. I realize the frustration you must be feeling - on so many different levels! In 5 years, you'll raise your eyebrows and say, "Oh, I see that now."

BTW - my masks are from Italy I bought for my oldest son and his fiance now his wife.Aren't they amamzing?

Surplus Thoughts said...

You are NOT going to drop out of college. I have seen your determination and the impact you've had on this campus! Wholly surrendered to God, you are incredibly strong and more than capable to climb over this mountain. I am praying for you and support you all the way! I can't wait to see your beautiful face again.