Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots of Questions

A lot of people have been texting me, e-mailing me, facebooking me- Asking what they can do.

At this point the only thing that can be done is to pray. I have been extremely discouraged the past few days just wondering what is next and why I am not recovering as fast as I would think I should. My body is still pretty weak from having close to a dozen seizures back to back to back.

Other questions have been if I am walking yet, the answer is not quite. I am standing on my own and somewhat getting around but still not to the point of walking.

When are you going back to college?

The current plan is to move back to college Saturday afternoon. I have slept a lot and most of the days and evenings. This is truly in God's hands. I really am just trusting in his perfect will.

In closing, the text messages, facebook notes, IM's, e-mails that have been offered with encouragement have really offered a lot of encouragement beyond what words could say. I thank each of you for being a source of support to me during this difficult time.

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Julie said...

I understand about not understanding. My sister had a miscarriage this week. I've thought alot about God's plan for us and why things happen. I honestly can't answer the why's but I do know that it's all about building our faith and giving our lives over to Him. I pray for you everyday. Here's hoping the move back to school is good and that you get more physical strength back soon. (I don't worry about your spiritual strength. You are an ironman where that's concerned.)