Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Became. The gospel in one word-- redemption's story shrunk down to six amazing letters. Do you see it? Became is a compound word, meaning it is comprised of two words- the word be and the word came. Wow, now do you see it? ...

... BE came flesh.God arrived with skin, the Divine in the form of a sweaty, laughing boy playing with other kids in a narrow street on a summer afternoon. That's how God chose to connect with us, to deliver us, to come for us. He didn't send a note, an e-mail, a check, a cosmic event, a mandate, or an image on a toasted cheese sandwich. When God came to man- when BE came- BE became flesh. The God of the world in a body like yours and mine.

Why does it matter? Because you can touch flesh. You can identify with flesh. You can wrap your arms around flesh and feel its heartbeat. You can hear the voice of flesh and look into its eyes. And if you're searching for a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind, you can pierce flesh and it will bleed. You can nail flesh to a cross."

- Louie Giglio (I am not but I know I AM)


Lindsay said...

This is a very interesting segment as it quite thoroughly reminds me of my doctor. He always says, "I am treating the flesh, but I know so thoroughly that problem of illness exists in the body's field or spirit. Why am I treating the body if that is just the tip?", but I tell him that we have been given flesh for a reason. It is our joystick to the afterlife, when the be becomes came.

Thank you for sharing this.

Christine said...

I sorta had a chat the other day. I got really depressed about a word of scripture I read about marriage not transferring to heaven (I'm weird and jump to conclusions when I read sometimes, I'm working on it..).. I started asking a million questions like whats the point in being married then... But, marriage is good I though... and then I realized that marriage seemed so good because it meant that we would be with someone NOW, here on Earth. And reading this reminded me... that's what we long for the most, to be with someone, More importantly, to be with God, and he delivered.... He delivered his son to us. Amazing.