Monday, March 28, 2011

Take A Stand against Injustice

Last night I went to A Night to Honor Israel. We learned about modern day Anti-Semitism and our role as Christians. I got extremely pumped up and really compelled to think about the modern day injustice that is happening all around us. For the next week, every day I am going to highlight an injustice that is going on and how we can help.

Today I wanted to talk about the AIDS epidemic. We think about the cost of $4 prescriptions that we have. Most of those prescriptions will last us two weeks and cure infection. We go to the drug store and have easy access to the drugs we need for the most part.

Did you know for 40 cents a day we can help people with their fight against a life saving agent? What can you do with 40 cents? I saw this video and it made me think. A piece of gum, a party blower, a hat... Or a person's life? The reality is there is a silent epidemic sweeping the nations in country's like Africa. There is a loss of a whole generation that is no longer living due to the HIV/AIDS virus. And it makes me wonder... What are we doing?

I am not asking that you travel to Africa and bind up the broken wounds of our brothers and sisters. But I am asking you to search your heart... And commit to take a stand. Do not just sit around, commit to do something.

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