Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have been praying to go deeper with God.

I wanted to find my relationship with God to be more intimate. I wanted to know Him more. I just didn't know how this could become a reality. Slowly I have found that as I continue to become relationally involved with others with the same goals I am learning the true meaning of iron sharpens iron. I have learned more, been challenged more, and really am falling in love with God all over again.

Isn't it so cool that we have a God that loves us so much He's jealous for us. He wants to spend more time with us and never tires of us. I want to serve Him so I can know true love, joy, and peace in a fuller way.

I am so excited to see where God takes me!

"I know every answer to every problem in the world. If men would only ask me, I would give them the answers" - God (From Bill Johnson in dreaming with God)

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Christine said...

This is something that is important in my life also. I've learned not to let others get in the way of your relationship with God. I've learned to go to God first. It is a great feeling to have someone so incredible always be there and actually Want to be there. God should be your priority because you are God's priority.