Monday, March 30, 2009

Arnot Magic Mystery Tour

The roller coaster is speeding up, feeling wind in your hair and the mist of sweat forming on your back. You lie there looking up things are spinning and going forward but you want to look back. Someone screams make this stop. Another yells it's not my fault. The misery and pain comes from the Arnot Magic Mystery Tour. Growing little cells.

Invisible to the naked eye, I yell who paid attention in biology I feel like I might die. Everyone silenced the roller coaster came to a stop. My head smashing quickly right into the top of my car. Screams were thrown and mist of vomit and phlegm filled the air. I had a wimpy cough but the guy in front of me sounded like a bear. A small child cried out and people looked up. We realized quickly we shouldn't believe in luck!

Attention ladies and gentlemen here on this magical ride. We told you 24 hours... Didn't you expect to lose your pride? We have slowly re-arranged your nerves you see- you won't be walking off this ride with glee. I looked at the the chief expecting him to be experiencing this horror. Looking back I saw small children and looking down I realized I was upside down. My heart went to my throat and my hands went to my blanket. I had forgot to hold on and now I felt naked. Terror filled me and blood rushed to my head my heart was pounding I thought I might be dead... Here we sat waiting for the conductor as he scratched his head.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think it could get any better...keep it up!!!
Aunt D

Anonymous said...

Jeez reading that was a rollercoster for me. Well missy, You are always in my prayers and I know God will get you through this! I know he will!

Later missy, Makayla

Anonymous said...

love you, victoria.
praying for you constantly!
miss you!


Grace said...

You are very creative with your thoughts and analogies. I typically LOVE roller coasters... but these are not rides I would enjoy. My heart hurts for you, knowing that you are living these rides.