Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on Victoria

Hey everyone-
It's Kori, one of Victoria's friends. She wanted me to put up a post to let everyone know that she is not neglecting her blog, but that she is in the hospital. I was told that I had to do this in a creative here we go! Being my last semester of nursing school, and suffering from senioritis, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make sure that my care planning ability has not been impacted by my lack of motivation....

Patient: Victoria Wilcox
DOB: 2/4

Cluster Assessment:
-Patient gives reports of being tired over the past few days
-Patient admitted to the Peds floor from the ER early Wednesday morning with chills
-Complaints of increasing exhaustion and no energy
-Doctors suspect patient has pneumonia
-Cultures drawn and sent to the lab: returned with mixed results (lab believes the cultures were accidentally contaminated)

Analysis and Synthesis:
-"Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lung parenchyma that commonly impairs gas exchange"
-"The five cardinal signs and symptoms of early bacterial pneumonia are 1) coughing 2) sputum production 3) pleuritic chest pain 4) shaking chills 5) fever"
-Taken from Medical-Surgical Nursing made Incredibly Easy, 2004

Nursing Diagnosis:
Severe fatigue related to possible medical diagnosis of pneumonia as evidenced patient reporting feelings of exhaustion, sleeping continuously and lack of interest in activities such as watching television or texting or talking on the phone

The speedy version:
Victoria is very tired and they are taking more cultures to see if she does indeed have pneumonia. After they determine that-they will go from there to decide how they want to treat it. She is in good spirits, just very tired. So please be praying for her and for a quick return to good health!



Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. I'll be thinking of you today and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

ohhh kori. hahahaha. gotta love how you put the speedy version at the bottom. ;)

stillll praying for you victoria. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job Kori, You might have a future in journalism!!! But at the very have learned your trade well!
Aunt Debbie

TheEclecticElement said...

I do believe you did a good job at the update Kori!
And vic, I love you and hope you feel better really soon!
Your in my thoughts always :D

Love and Energies.