Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello folks and welcome to Arnot Ogden Medical Mystery Tour. This morning my Dr. Doe has the results confirming two cultures that were positive with infection in a device in your chest. He suggested that we have it removed due to everything else going on. For your safety and the safety of all organs involved please use alcohol pads when needed and safely place all side rails up additionally we would suggest tucking yourself in with the provided blanket for extra security. This ride does get drafty.

We would also like to warn you now things may get a bit rocky. We have injected an extreme bacteria that usually lives on your skin into each of you through your seats. Although we have conflicting opinions we believes we would be fine to cure the infection with some stronger antibiotics and that we should try that first. Although it doesn't always work so we may have to deal with it later. If you didn't know upon entering this ride you will be traveling for a complete 24 hours. This evening you will be experiencing chills of a life time! Some like to call it the most spine rattling experience they have ever encountered. With chills that tighten your jaw so tight you may not be able to speak and weaken your body so that you will feel like a 10 ton brick. For all you weight watchers out there don't worry you're not gaining a single pound and most likely you will be losing your appetite for the next 48 hours after exiting this ride! (An added bonus for sure.)

You may be looking down this steep slope you're approaching wondering if it was a good idea getting on. With infection in your chest and antibiotics being put into you that could be drawing out the ride for a few weeks more.... The opinions that conflict, the ideas that clash all seem so important so quickly and you wonder if this crazy ride even has enough screws and bolts. Well folks we've got some news for you! There is NO turning back and the slope we have provided you with is the highest in the state of NY. Hang onto your blanket as the draft may be heavy hang on with anticipation and get ready to live the next 24 hours on the Arnot Ogden Medical Mystery Tour.

To be Continued...


Anonymous said...

WOW .. you may not be doing well physically... but your creative juices are flowing just fine!!!Get better soon we have a walk to put on and the good Lord is really blessing the socks off my committee!!! We are going to beat this disease!!! And even if you don't people will have a better understanding of what it is and what we don't want them to get!!!
Love you girl!
Aunt Debbie

BoufMom9 said...

Oh Vic. I am so sorry you are feeling so awful.
I am keeping you in my prayers and hope you start to feel better soon.

M Levin said...

Just curious ... what kind of device in your chest was put in?

M Levin said...

what sort of device was put in your chest?