Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes it's not you that has to take control, but it's God.

After thinking about this post for awhile I really wanted to put my heart in it. Through being sick this time it has really brought me to think about a lot of things, there was a night a few nights ago where I honestly thought I might be dying. I am not trying to scare you or exaggerate. However I could feel my blood rushing through my body. My chills were overcoming my body and I couldn't stop shaking. I was completely awake feeling extreme crushing pain on my head. It was a moment that I was scared and all I could pray is, God I didn't know you wanted me to go so soon. I feel like there is so much I have that is unfinished.

The infection is surely there and I have an abnormal echo-cardiogram. The infection itself will be dealt with by removing the port that harbors the bacteria. Which is good. Things are going to be busy and intense over the next few days and I will try to have anyone that can sign in and update the blog. This way I will have the days after to remember and reflect on.

People have said I need to be more positive or handle things a little different but I find most of all I need to cling to God. I often feel like I am not thanking him enough or I am not noticing the things he gives us. So therefore I found a song that I feel adequately shows this emotion. Ignore the video. The song is It's A Good Day by FFH This song is inspiring me to say- It really is a Good Day.

I will update you now with a few more tidbits of what is going on:

Last night I had another episode of severe chills and I have a fever that I still haven't shaken hopefully I will soon. The chills were horrible and have weakened me a lot but I am clinging to God and I find myself seeking him more and more the weaker I get. My PCP was off today and another lady came in and eased many of my fears. God will see me through no matter how dark the corner.

Please continue to pray for me and especially my family as we face this together.


Jennifer said...

Hey Victoria. I'm Jennifer from Living the Lyme Life. I have posted a prayer request on my Praying for Lymies blog.

Thought you might like to see.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I stopped over from Debi's blog and wanted to let you know I'm praying for you today. I like what you said about clinging to God, that is such a good thing.

Grace said...

Dear Victoria... I can't speak for others... but I just can't see what you said some people have said (that you need to be more positive)... I believe that you are exceptionally positive. You, young lady, are one that I and others can learn from. I have your physical, mental and spiritual health in my prayers always.