Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking by Faith

The theme of this week seems to be walking by faith. Taking things to the Lord and surrendering them at his feet. It has been a huge week of growth and experiencing God's love and compassion. However, it has brought questions to surface within me- everything from are my desires meeting God's will? To what I should do in the existing relationships I have right now. I am finding that the more I pray and really deeply search within my soul, I am also finding a peace beyond my understanding. I am so excited to grow with God and experience this new love... The new questions are, staying at my current school, or exploring the option of a two year degree... The financial burden of the four year school is intimidating however, if this is the Lord's will he will certainly provide right? It's interesting how things unfold, and in our world set mind we find our anxieties rising. However, the anxiety we face is not of the Lord, so should we let it captivate our minds more than the grace and glory the Lord fills us with. Through his beauty in the sunrise and warm spring-like weather?

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