Saturday, October 2, 2010

How far are we willing to go for a friend?

Recently we were in chapel and our student leadership group for a student led worship service did a topic of "throw down" and surrendering your life...

As I wrestled over the topic through chapel, I found myself thinking about why we go to the extreme nature of saying: I would take a bullet for you. This idea makes me think of how it's almost like I would take a bullet for you because there is no societal norm that would lead me to think this would ever be something I would encounter in daily living. Each day we wake up, we don't wonder: will I die today taking a bullet for a friend?

I think it's easy to say and almost convicting to say I would take a bullet, but I don't have time to hang out... If we aren't making the daily sacrifices of spending time and sharing life with people; what is the significance of taking a bullet for their life?

I guess that it makes me wonder how many verbal bullets we are willing to stand up for- the social and linguistic bullets of daily life. Just a thought.

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Jennifer said...

I have a friend that I know would take a bullet for me. I Know she would. I know that if for some reason a gun man were standing there .. she would jump in front to save me.

BUT, she won't hang out with me because she doesn't have time. Makes one ponder, since she doesn't have the time ... she wouldn't be there if said gunman were there.

I think many people are like this. Don't take time to talk to a friend don the telephone or chat online or even hang out watching television.