Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Oh I should be doing homework... but..."

That's my latest catchphrase...

I should be doing homework... but....

Anyways! This week has proven to be quite stressful as the mid-semester stress comes piling in. I am excited to say that I might be taking on another job: taking care of the sticky fingered milestone striking, toddler type! After spending almost a whole semester as a student caller here at school, for admissions and finding how boring it is to say the same script time after time... I thought I might be up for a challenge:

Thus jumping on the latest posting of a babysitting opportunity.

More recently, my friend and I went out to cupcakes this past weekend, a blog post to come after I upload the photos to the computer...

While out we discussed the topic of having children... She has been married for a few years and we discussed how many people seem to pressure newly weds with the dreaded question of when are you going to bring the sticky faced children into the world. It's funny because even more-so now I guess: I think about a girl I was working with in the nursery at church and she had only been married six weeks when one of the women from the congregation popped the question: "So when do you think you'll be having one of your own?"

I am very thankful that in my life of singleness; people ask me about plans and my future but never buckle me down to get married or relationships... Well, unless you're my family! But that's a whole different story.

It makes me wonder, why is it assumed that after you get married, or even just have a boyfriend (after a certain age!) no matter what age you are: you lose the identity of being a student, worker, having goals, and desires, etc. and you're forced into this idealistic culture of popping out kids and adding to the human race.

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