Monday, October 31, 2011

Last year around this time...

acorn cookies

I thought these cookies reminded me of the acorns I picked up last year around this time... As one might remember, I was running XC and at college. And my dear friend June, told me all about these acorns at Pottery Barn! Well, we were certain we could find them much cheaper on the ground. Much to our dismay, it was difficult to find whole acorns. Well, I hit jackpot out in a field one day and filled paper bags full of them. Which made one very happy June. :) And she even dried them out and they are now featured in her fall decor! She's the greatest.

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June said...

LOVE this! and LOVE you!!!! oh this post makes me laugh...yes whenever i see an acorn, i think of you showing up to my house with a bag of acorns after i whined to you about wanting the pottery barn ones, but being such a cheap-o that i would never buy them myself. you rock. i am thankful for you :)