Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What does it mean to give our lives totally to God?

There is something exciting and mysterious about going into a life of full time missions. Going away to a third world country: investing into the lives of kids with faces covered in dirt. Leading a traveling VBS to kids that will never know what it is like to go to a pizza hut or to even be able to go to a store with a/c, let alone have a house that has a/c.

Sounds really worthwhile right? Sounds like a person who has given their life to a good cause. A life of mystery and adventure to those of us who have grown up in lives of comfort.

I feel like when you're a missionary, people automatically are amazed. They talk to them as though their calling is holier than anything that God could call them to. It's like woah. I think there is some sort of adreneline rush to having that type of ministry. Although, I have read stories and seen that the people in the field, find their lives much like the lives they lived before. Just with different struggles and obstacles.

There is nothing holier about the fights the married missionaries have behind closed doors about investments, or daily living... Than those that the people here in the U.S. have... We put our brothers and sisters in Christ on these special platforms and we live in this world that they have something better and a "better" connection with God.

Then there are people like Shane Claiborne, who live radical lives. I thought to myself: woah, what if I lived like that! Giving everything I earn to organizations, and to a communal living project. Tossing everything in, for the "better" of those around me. His life is intriguing. His conversations, and what he stands for provokes thought and convicts people for their commercialist lifestyle.

But still, if everyone lived like he did... Would we really have people to sow into them? Would we be able to go to the hospital, would there be Christians in the workforce to go to? I doubt it.

I guess I wonder, if selling my life for God and living totally for Him... Is in what I am doing right now. I sometimes actually, a lot feel like college is a waste. Or just a stagnent place that I am in. Or that this isn't exciting. I want something that's innvegorating and an adventure. I want my life to feel like I am white-water rafting for God.

I want to feel like I am going through the rapids for Jesus, and I want to bring God the most glory I can. But is it really selling everything and living without for the sake of Jesus. Or is that idea even something that has been Westrenized? I don't really know the answers... But I guess I have thought about it: and in the end, I still wonder.

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