Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My heart aches

Lately, my heart has a heavy burden... It aches and it aches for the condition of our culture. I read quotes to encourage us on our Christian walks... Quotes like: God is real and we need to be real about what he is doing in our lives. And when the world says no way we say Yahweh.

Yet, I stand in a check-out line and have an older man behind me look at the cover of cosmopolitan and then say a sexual statement to me as plain as day.

I hear jokes about the poverty and how ridiculous people are or how they all work the system. I see calloused hearts for people, and an apathetic state. My heart is so broken and I wonder to myself: how can I avoid from getting that way?

I work in an environment where I see death readily, I see people who aren't ready for what they're facing all the time. I see situations where I think to myself: I could do that better. But I think about it, and I wonder, do people look at me and say: I could do what she is doing better? Probably... I strive to be different, my heart breaks for these situations every single day. But when push comes to shove: what am I really doing to change what is breaking my heart?

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