Saturday, October 29, 2011

Singly Blessed

My sister got married exactly 29 days ago...

So crazy to think about: my sister getting married! And upon my sister becoming a beautiful bride... It brought up question and conversation of where my knight in shining armor was...
At the wedding it became a frequent question... If there was a man in my life. And I could confidently say no, there is no one. However, the last few weeks I have thought more and more about this wedded bliss. With my sister married, and many of my friends getting engaged and some already married... I began thinking about my own marital status.

The past few days, I have spent time alone with God and really just thought about my life... And to be totally honest, I have never felt more blessed to be single. Though, it would be great to have a boyfriend or significant other, I have found great joy in being alone and being single. In this time, God has really worked on my heart and helped me become a better person. Not only that, I have also not had to think about the effect (or is it affect?) that my actions would have on others... I have been free sailing to spend as much time in devotions as I need... Or to stay up late or go to bed by 6pm!

This may sound a bit selfish... But honestly, if I wasn't single right now: I don't think that my time with God and the complete healing my heart has undergone in the past 4-5 months would have happened. It's incredible how God gets us all by ourselves and works in such crazy ways!

And now when people ask me, is there a man in your life? I can confidently say: nope! And it's totally okay! I have a peace that soon enough that chapter will come in my life: but why rush it? There is so much to be thankful for and excited for: today.

And I can vicariously live through my sisters joy and excitement with my new brother-in-law. :)

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Jessica said...

I think I'm feeling the same way as you except with life's next big question..when are you having a baby? At my sister's baby shower that was everyone's question for me. My husband and I are content with it being just us for now. So I'm going to do the same thing as you and live vicariously through my sister and brother-in-law!