Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sarah and I at the prom.

Well just a few days until the walk! What an exciting thing to be a part of!

I was thinking for a short while this morning about how lucky we are to be able to at least advocate and create awareness for things that are not known relatively well across the country. So even though it has taken a lot of work and determination and standing up for what we want to do Sarah and I are both excited to bring you the inaugural Lyme Walk- for those who can't.

It seems like it was just a few days ago when we were at the Relay for Life joking about a Lyme Walk. We were all trying to come up with what you would call a Lyme Walk funny how simple our title became and how everything worked out. A joke became a little more serious with the creation of the Lyme Walk website ( and then later the purchase of the domain name. We realized that this joke was a reality and we were actually going to pull something off! Throughout the summer months we started getting things ready and ultimately got our first newspaper article published about us in September. We were excited to see where the walk could be headed and thrilled to have a large committee of people on our side. Now through the support of our local schools, and peers we're bringing a dream to reality. What seemed impossible has been possible!

I cannot promise any posting for the next few days because of the Lyme Walk and friends and family coming in from out of town for the walk! So hopefully the weather will cooperate and the day will be full of learning and fun!

Hope to see you out at the walk Saturday!


Well Sarah is another one of the people I am very blessed to have on my side. She has been working diligently to make this day possible. She has helped with everything from Volunteers to each meeting we have had. She helps with so much and has really been amazing and working hard for the walk. I am so thankful to have her working with me. She was not only there to encourage me throughout hospital stays this winter but she was there to send out e-mail's to inform others, update my blog, and do all of the behind the scenes work that it took while I was away. Expecting no thanks but only hoping she would have a healthy friend through all of this work. I want to make sure her position is not a thankless position and I am so glad that I have some very awesome friends that have been to more than just a few meetings and have come to support us- as we pull this walk together. It has been absolutely insane to see come together and this Saturday will most definitely be the biggest gift of all. So thank you Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria!!
You guys both look great in the pic!!
If I don't talk to you before the walk, good luck this weekend!!!!! I'm sure it will be amazing, and you'll get to meet so many incredible people.
You and your uncle have both been in my prayers lately; hopefully you guys are both doing better.
Don't forget how many people are here for you!!

Kari said...

Thank you for your great comment on my blog. I am so glad that you did and that I found you!! And please know that you have been added to my prayer list...Good luck this weekend with your walk!!

I look forward to visiting your blog and getting to know you better thanks for sharing with me!!

BJK said...

Hi Victoria,

Awsome! Lord grant you strength...God Bless