Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Being born into the world with perfection in mind
ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes
wiggling about in the arms of the fast pace of doctors grasping her slippery body
Perfection in mind for a mother with love in her eyes.
Whatever could be the matter could wait just a moment
A glimpse into the future would only hold uncertainty.

Now a spunky little girl with a smile on her face
holding tricks up her sleeve
She's a miracle some say,
She's out of the ordinary to others.

In the end she's just a 4 year old with ambition and passion for what she wants.
She gives hope and peace to all and brightens a room with the smile she allows upon her face.
She's Fahris.

I ask each of you to add a prayer for Fahris today: she isn't done with her battle with a heart condition that has left her sitting on the side lines. Please lift this little girl up in prayer and ask that soon she'll be free of oxygen and tubes and all the pokes in the world and she'll be able to join the other children on her own personal playground.


BJK said...

Wow Victoria, Fahris is soooo cute. And you can take this on good authority as Ive had 5 cuties of my own :-)

I've prayed and will continue to pray for her...and you, I hope those lungs are healing up

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria!!!!!
I still have Fahris' name on my Prayer board from the first time we IMed with eachother...so She will always be in my prayers.
Later missy, Makayla