Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long Week!

This week has been a long week for sure. With so much happening and little time to reflect it has been difficult on me. I have been extremely tired and trying to get sleep... Also running a fever here and there as well. I am realizing how blessed I am in so many parts of my life that the not so fun parts are a little more bearable.

Today was especially hard I do believe because I was extremely tired but nonetheless a little stressful for me.

There are some really awesome things that came to pass this week despite stress and everything else I am proud to announce that I went to my very last Physical Therapy appointment this week. So although it was a sad day at the Physical Therapy office I was very happy to be making these steps of progress.

I am also 2 labs away from finishing my Biology class and getting ready to start up my college English class and history course for the summer. So the hard work will pay off keeping me mostly with my class for everything else! Which is quite exciting.

So with the ups and downs and the longing for a hidden camera to jump out and say surprise I am finally starting to come to peace a little with the life I am living even though it isn't a fun roller coaster ride I am excited to be getting a little more back on track.

I think through this journey I find the true character in my friends and who they are which is neat and sometimes refreshing and other times a little upsetting.

Today I spot-light my friend Chris:

They say adversity brings strength and that it has done through him. I am so amazed at how he has grown and become stronger through the difficult times in his life right now. He has been a role model to me with his selfless characteristics that show who he is through the difficult times for when difficult times arise you can be all me me me! Or you can sit back and say hey how are you doing back? Not always expecting a big answer back but an answer none the less. He has been a close friend for awhile and around a year ago we kind of split but slowly have grown back together. I will always be thankful for his friendship and the things he has taught me.

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Suzika said...


I love your blog, you are so clever and I loved the story about the two men in the hospital. You are an inspiration to all who know you. I enjoyed our time working on your biology labs. : )

Have a wonderful summer,
Ms. Nichols
PS Apparently we have the same taste in music, who would have guessed????