Monday, June 9, 2008

Lyme Walk Success!

Well first of all the walk was a huge success with over 300 walkers! We raised close to $9,000 in total for the Lyme disease association and had a huge response with everything. We were extremely excited about the large response we got with the people who cared enough to come out for the weekend despite the heat of the day!

So thank you all for the contributions you made and for making the day an over all success and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.

If you attended the walk and would like to say something about your experience at the walk I give you the opportunity to make a comment on what you learned or how it impacted you!

Thanks to all of the support we recieved and continue to recieve as the days continue on.



Robin said...
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Robin said...

I would like to thank all of the participants in the walk. My son, Dustin, who is 12 years old has been battling Lyme Disease for 3 years. A very long and bumpy journey. We are in PA and were not able to participant, but thank you to whoever represented Dustin, we appreciate it!
Robin and Dustin

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS ON THE LYME WALK!!!!!! I am so going to be there next year!!!! :)