Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A peak into my space

Each day is like a fast paced roller coaster for me and I don't know how else to explain it. I have extreme high's where I am able to get out go for walks and help around the house. Then I reach extreme lows at the drop of a pin where I am extremely exhausted can barely move and feel like I have been beat up.

Lately my lungs have been weak and things are a little more difficult. Although I am finding great praise in the things that I have done and the things I continue to do I am slowing down a little and noticing some not so exciting things. Mono has been mentioned along with some other things that I could possibly have. We're searching for what could be going on with the help of my doctor. Tests will be ran in the upcoming week.

A surprise for this upcoming week!

I ask for prayer for the Wood Family as they experience the recent and sudden loss of Mr. Wood- the father to a good friend of mine.

My faithful friends- behind this blog there are so many people that support me as you notice at the end of each blog entry there are multiple people or one person at least that are placed in the spot light. Tonight I asked if someone could run chat for our Lyme support chat and it was very easy to find a person who was willing to take my spot. Through the support and prayers of them I am certain I can beat any germ that has entered my body and continue to thank all those who stand behind me.



Anonymous said...

Aw Victoria, I will pray for the wood family. And of course you. I am here if you need me :)
By the way love the Butterfly kiss song, my sister and I used to give eachother butterfly kisses when I was little. =)
later missy, and prayen for you Makayla

Anonymous said...

Another thing miss Victoria, Awesome layout! Love the picture you made and the message on it! =)