Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting Hope

Taking your brand new paint brush and dipping it in the first color
The first few strokes are hardened and pointy.
As if the paintbrush itself is unsure of it's duty...

The paintbrush a lot like us when we reach unsteady ground.
Not sure of what to do unsure of how to do it or what we're going to reach out to next.
We are like a new paint brush when we reach unfamiliar land testing the waters out with our toes before we're into it up to our nose.

Slowly the brush warms up and soon you're working with a limber brush and creating the background to your scene.
I start with the top knowing just how I want the sky to be...
Slowly working downward until the whole piece of wood was covered with color.

Slowly but surely I make my way to the outline of hope.

A little ducks black outline covering the blues and bright colors...
Filling in the dark areas with a little red duck and red feathers too...
Stroking through his beak and feet I make them as yellow as can be soon he looks as though he will say quack quack and waddle his way right off the piece I have made.

I create this duck and then soon give him away for what is artwork with out being shared?
This image of hope is here to stay symbolically representing our everyday.

Each day I don't feel good there has to be an ounce of hope-
For we push on to tomorrow with that little hope.

Quack Quack says the duck as he walks away.
I am hope for you and I am keeping you here today.

*Hope is a duck that I painted for Fahris while I was in the hospital and met her I gave Fahris that duck with a little poem and to my understanding hope is oh Fahris' wall and I think it's well understood that hope is also held deep within her heart.*

Brenda- I spot-light Fahris' mom today as I forgot to yesterday. I want to say she has been a wonderful mother to her small half pint child who has battled the world with her right hand. She has shown courage when no courage could be found and has extended her right hand to know what's best for her daughter. She keeps everyone updated through her caringbridge site and knows that everything will be alright. No matter what the doctors have said she has continued to keep hope and I was so blessed to meet this family that gave me hope. I could only return the favor they gave to me with giving them a little hope of their own.

Kevin- I also feel it's important to spot-light Kevin Fahris' father he was the first person to visit my room. He came a little later with his daughter that he so proudly was able to show off. He told me a little about Fahris and about the long stay they had endured. Later the whole family was in my room and I was quite amazed at how much I had learned. They were an encouraging bunch and hat's off to Kevin for his courage to stand beside his wife and child through many sleepless nights and the beeping of the machines. It's quite amazing to see the love a parent can give to a child experiencing it on my own and knowing how much it means to have mom and dad there... I am sure their actions will never be forgotten in the little mind of their daughter.

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Emma said...

I love you Fahris, forever and always we will be Sisters forever. I love playing with my Emmy (Morgan).. I miss you Sissy. You are the love of my life.. I love you ever soo much Fahris. And Brenda and Kevin..

I saw the duck you gave Fahris at her house this summer.. I love you all (Brenda, Kevin, Morgan, and last but most definately not least.. Sissy!