Monday, June 16, 2008

Years passing by in the blink of an eye.

Today was the last full day of school for the high school in my area.
I now am officially a senior or so that's what I say when I fill out the camp application for camp this summer or when people ask me what grade I am going to be in.
My heart and nerves are extremely anxious.
Tonight as I sat back and thought-
I realized some of the most amazing people I have met in my life will be going off to college this upcoming fall. I have never felt so inadequate or speechless. For so long you know the day of graduation is coming up and seeing so many split paths...

Each person has impacted my life in so many ways and to think that soon a class of my own will be walking up the steps and going to graduation in just the weeks ahead.

I would like to spot-light some seniors who have especially touched my life knowing that each of them will be successful in whatever their passion may be:

Abbie Surosky:
Abbie oh my! Well I guess this year and the past few have been binding years... After so long of distance and not talking I never would've guessed that you would be extremely good friends by the time you graduated. From playing in the dirt pile while we were young to a wonderful girl that you are today. You have been there for me through thick and thin and even found time to bring me pizza and visit me multiple times while I was so sick and even when I was miles away in the hospital.

Chris Zukas:
Chris has been a very good friend who has shown me that throughout any obstacle life places in front of you. He has been strong when I have been weak and has been able to keep me smiling when it was difficult to do so. He has been a really good friend to me and I am really impressed in how he far he has come.

Jake Boylan:
From around 5th grade walking home from school to today you have grown into a wonderful person. With everything from your Eagle Scout ceremony to the upcoming Graduation Ceremony I am so proud of you and impressed by your compassion and patience through everything.

Jake Castiglia:
I wouldn't have met you if it hadn't been for Marissa but you have been another blessing! I am really impressed by your strength and courage going into college. You have expressed knowledge and perseverance in a very trying education of becoming a doctor. Although our conversations have been few and far between they have been heartfelt and quite interesting.

Joey Kuehner:
Joey met me very late in the school year after I had shared my testimony at church. He was one of the first friends I made when I started going back to youth group. He has helped me grow immensely through Christ and my faith. I am really impressed with his maturity and how much he has been able to show me through his guidance and faith in God.

Josiah Knowles:
Josiah and I started talking awhile back and he helped me grow increasingly in my faith. He has encouraged me through prayer and reference to Christian music. He opened doors through the music that he encouraged me to step out on a limb. He has been a great source of encouragement and I am so glad that he was the first person who I really connected with from our youth group at church.

Kelly Palmer:
Kelly has been a good friend through this year catching me when I fell and helping pick up broken pieces. She has been a good friend and showed me a great amount of compassion during the marching band months spending a lot of time with me and sitting with me after competitions. She has shown me what it's like to be selfless and the love of friendship and is probably one of my musical friends with references to songs and she really showed me that where ever I wished I could make a difference.

Lacy Rugaber:
Lacy is another awesome person she helped me with the walk and getting everything sorted out. She has added humor and a lot of reinforcement to our team with the walk and I have been very impressed with her as a person. I can't believe how many teens stepped out to help with the walk.

Lucy Mooney:
Lucy is my Lymie sister for sure. She has taught me that through the disease I can overcome anything that I need to. She has gotten over this disease and she has been a massive amount of support where no one else could be since she had experienced a lot of the things that I have wen through. She continues to give me support every day if it's through my writing or my paintings that I do she has shown me that the true person is not what is on the outside but what is within. She is most definitely a remarkable person.

Marissa Angell:
Marissa has helped me with all of the girl things that are needed in life. From painting nails to encouragement to hospital visits she has been there. She is an incredible worker and works with her heart for everything she achieves. I am so blessed to have her on my side and incredibly grateful to be friends with her.

All of these awesome people will be going out in the world come late August/ early September and if I could ask that you each pray for them as they enter the world making names for themselves.

I can't express how grateful I am for having such awesome friends and people who have entered my life.

A true update on my health coming soon!


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